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How Often Should You Change Your Carry Ammo?

Most people probably don’t change out their CCW loads enough. But one thing you should keep in mind is that primers and powder are susceptible to extreme heat, cold, and moisture. The ammo you keep in your gun safe in the box is hardly under…
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5 Reasons Gun Culture is Not a Fad

There is more than meets the eye when it comes to Gun Culture in the United States. The media likes to show all the horrors—the accidents, the school shootings, the robberies, the deaths. People want to blame objects—rather than the people…
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Don’t Forget Your Hearing Protection

This goes for hunters, too (but I’ll get into that later). We’ve all heard “eyes and ears” while we’re at the range. But why not in the woods? I won’t go into too many technicalities but here’s what you need to know, the next time…
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Gun Modification

Last week, I wrote about changing the grips on your concealed carry pistol. Briefly, I discussed that there are several people ready to disagree with me. Let’s get all that out into the open. Right here. Right now. Legal Implications Many…
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Where to Keep Your Gun at Home

I want to start with a short story: Before my step-father passed away, there were literally dozens of firearms around the house. In the desk drawers, the gun safes, in bookcases, under both beds in different rooms, beside table drawers; long…
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An Honest Look at Printing

Throughout my life, I have been concerned—in one way or another—about how something looks. When I got my concealed carry license, like many new holders, was concerned about patterning or “printing.” A question of: “is my gun showing…

How to put on an Inside the Waistband (IWB) Holster

Inside the Waistband (IWB) holsters are better for Concealed Carry. IWB holsters will pull your gun closer to your body. Plus, the barrel is in your pants for further concealment. Clinger Holsters are designed to pull the grip of your weapon…

Teen Dies in Accidental Shooting After Finding Gun in Park

In Festus, Missouri, 17-year-old Zackary Depung was accidentally shot while he and another 17-year-old found the weapon in a park. The two were playing with the gun, they believed was unloaded, outside Dupung’s house. Depung had been “shot…
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Why Change Out Your Gun Grips?

Many of you have a certain gun that you really like, but it’s missing something. When you hold it, something seems off. Maybe the gun fits a little wider in your hand, or maybe the grip feels slippery. It’s perhaps time to consider modifying…
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Congressman Womack Tours Clinger Holsters

On August 8th, Congressman Steve Womack took a tour of Clinger Holsters manufacturing facility located in Van Buren, Arkansas. While CEO, Chris Tedder, showed him the newly designed manufacturing lines, the congressman praised the growth, expansion,…

Why Bigger Isn’t Always Better

I know the trend, now, is moving towards concealed carrying your full size .45, but let me tell you—bigger isn’t always better. Sure, there are benefits to carrying your double-stack .45—literally more bullets—however concealed carrying…
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How to Choose a Concealed Carry Holster

There are easily thousands of different holsters to choose from, when it comes to concealed carry. So how in the world do you decide? Well here’s a few strategies to help you:   1. Decide how you want to carry. Or rather, what’s the…
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Eliminating First-time Shooter Ignorance

Over the years, I’ve been to the range to test fire several different firearms and there are still many I haven’t shot. But each time I test a new one, I am a first-time shooter (of that particular weapon). Now, I know, you read the title…
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A Lady’s EDC

We all have things that we take with us out into the world, everyday—that’s an EDC (everyday carry). Men, in general, pack lightly, keeping their EDC simple and practical. But, I’d bet that a woman’s EDC is assumed to be less practical…
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So You Want to Learn About Ballistics

First of all, let me warn you: this is a hole. A deep, deep hole that once you enter, you will be stuck in there and probably won’t want to come out again. This is one of the most interesting topics, that once you figure it out, you’ll be…
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Teach Your Kids about Guns & Gun Safety

I have seen so many heartbreaking stories about kids and teenagers accidentally shooting themselves or others. This all boils down to one thing: they were not taught about guns and gun safety. My entire life, I have been around guns—hunting,…

Concealed Carry vs. Open Carry

The first thing I want to make absolutely clear is this: Open carrying a pistol does not mean you are asking for trouble. However, there are a few things you need be aware of, if you decide to carry openly. First, I want to ask a silly, but…
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3 Ways to Get Your Lady to Concealed Carry

The majority of people who have a concealed carry license are men; I get that. But, more and more women are getting interested in firearms and self-defense. It’s normal to want your lady, mother, aunt, sister, daughter, etc. to learn to protect…
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A Real Man Carries a Knife

By signing up for our newsletter, you're automatically entered for our weekly FREE Holster Giveaway! Plus you'll be alerted to deals, tips,  and news. We already know there’s plenty of reason to carry a gun before you leave your home. You…
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[Video] Small, Medium, & Big Gun in Concealment Holster

Check out a Small, Medium, & Big in a Concealment Holster We show off what a Sig P229, Springfield Armory Mod.2 9mm SubCompact, & Walther PPS M2 look like in a No Print Wonder Holster.

Home Defense

There are many opinions out there on the best firearm for home defense. Several people have asked me. I, in turn, have asked many people as well. But the majority of people agree on one thing: the purpose of your pistol is to get to your long…

Do You Carry Your Gun at Home?

Do you carry a gun in your home? When I was a newlywed, my wife tried to convince me that my habit of wearing a gun at home was unnecessary. “What reason could you possibly have for carrying that at home” she would say. I have one reason…
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A Day at the Range

This is why you should take someone you trust with you to the range: In February of this year, I went to the range with one of my Marine Vet. friends to work on some tactics for some different situations. Keep in mind that, initially, we’re…
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10 Ways to Improve Your Shooting

1. Practice Don’t scoff. How many times have you been to the range this month? Or in the last three months? I’ll be honest, I haven’t been to the range since February and I need to go soon. So, I’m guilty. We all get busy, but we need…
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Conceal Carry During the Summertime

There are always two important factors when deciding what to wear while carrying concealed. Access and Concealment (obviously). I know it’s hot outside and it’s likely to get hotter as the summer progresses, so let’s talk about carry options…
Reasons to conceal carry
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10 Important Reasons to Carry a Gun

1) It’s Your Civic Right Under the U.S. Constitution Everyone has heard this one. “We have the right to arm bears!” No-ahem: bear arms. The second amendment protects your right to keep and bear arms for self-defense against zombies, vampires,…
teen shooting

Teen shot friend in the head because he didn’t think the gun would discharge!

Cliff Edwards, 17, of St. Louis is charged with Manslaughter after he put a gun to his friend’s head and pulled the trigger. He claims it was accidental. Edwards told police that he “did not believe the firearm would discharge without the…

I Reached for My Gun Yesterday

Yesterday was the first time I’ve reached for my gun while grocery shopping. The scariest part: my wife and four kids were with me. The truth is we never know when a violent or unstable person will cross our path. It sure is comforting in…
Kydex Holsters for Concealed Carry
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How to Draw from an IWB Holster

[ALL POINTS ARE IN REFERENCE TO AN INSIDE WAISTBAND ( IWB HOLSTER)] When drawing a firearm from a concealed holster, there are a few things we all need to know. The first thing you should do, before you even reach for your firearm: Analyze…
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First Time Gun Buyer Tips

“It feels like the First Time… Buying a Handgun.” Why do you need it? Why do you need a handgun? Concealed Carry or Home Defense? For concealed carry, you want it to be smaller, lighter, and less obtrusive. For home defense, you may…
Clinger Holster Draw Weapon
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Concealed Carry is on the Rise!

Concealed Carry Permits on the Rise WOW! This country is starting to realize there is a 2nd Amendment and they have a God-given right to protect themselves and their families. Nationwide, personal firearm sales, as well as Concealed Carry…

Vegas Hotels are Restricting Gun Rights

VEGAS BABY!- Not so much… In Vegas, you can get arrested for having a legally concealed gun? What happens in Vegas… Las Vegas, Nevada is a wonderful place and a great vacation spot! You can stand where Sinatra stood. See Elvis impersonators. …

Dad Confronts Sex Offender with Gun

Pervert uses Facebook to try to stalk girl, meets Dad and his gun instead! Twenty-six year old Justin Kyle Phelps, is a monster and the liberals are trying to keep him out of jail. What happened? In December, the minor received a friend…
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Left Wingers Hate Mainstream Judges for SCOTUS

Here we go again… Rogue Left Wing extremists continue to block “Common Sense” nominations and legislation. Neil Gorsuch receiving alternative support. Judge Neil M. Gorsuch is President Trump's selection to fill the vacant seat on the…
Obama Prisoner Release
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Obama Sets New Record. Releases Over 100 more Convicts into Society!

Anyone Surprised? Obama has not surprised anyone with his latest actions. He has continually released criminals into society in mass numbers. These are not people who have violated minor laws. These are people who trafficked huge amounts of…
Project ChildSafe
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Project ChildSafe Proves Liberals Wrong

What Really Works? is the perfect example of exactly how responsible gun owners prove anti-gun zealots wrong every day. Anti-Gun zealots want to pass new gun laws to “protect society”. However, responsible gun owners actively pursue real…