Frequently Asked Questions

Q – Do you have a video tutorial on how to adjust and configure my holster?

Yes! We have a full video tutorial on how to adjust and configure your holster here.

Q – Is the Lifetime Warranty “Limited” or is it Unconditional?

It’s unconditional. If you ever have any issues, just send it in to us and we’ll repair or replace it. Clips and screws are not covered in our warranty but are expected to last the lifetime of the holster.

Q – Can you adjust the Retention on Clinger Holsters?

Yes! Every Clinger Holster has adjustable retention. Simply turn the retention screw clockwise to tighten the retention & turn it counter-clockwise to loosen the retention. We have a full video tutorial on how to adjust and configure your holster here.

Q- Should I use Loc-tite on my screws?

Yes. You should always use a thread locker on your screws after you’ve adjusted your holster to the desired settings. Otherwise, they will work loose & you’ll have to re-adjust the holster again. A holster needs to perform flawlessly because your gun could save your life one day. A good thread locker can ensure that your holster’s retention and clip screws stay where they should.

Q – What’s the Hardware pack for that I received with my holster?

If you tighten the retention screw on your holster quite a few turns, it’s rare but possible for the screw to protrude through the backside of the holster. That’s when the shorter spacer and screw are needed from the hardware pack. If you loosen the retention on the holster to a point where the screws are only hanging on by a couple of threads, you’ll want to install the longer spacers and screws.

Q – Are Clinger Holsters tuckable?

Our No Print Wonder holsters are tuckable. Our Stingray & mag holsters are not tuckable.

Q – Are Clinger Holsters universal?

No. We custom make every holster to fit your firearm perfectly. That gimmick might work with leather or nylon holsters but not on a custom-built Kydex holster. It will fit your gun model only & it will fit like a glove.

Q – How do I request a gun model?

If you don’t see your gun model listed in our drop-down box, just send us an email. We have a request list that we can add your model to.

Q – Which Clinger Holsters are better holsters for appendix carry?

Our Stingray holsters are great for appendix carry. If ordering the Stingray, you’ll want the Zero Degree option. The Zero Degree option will have no cant and ride high enough for a good combat grip.

Q – Which Clinger Holsters are better holsters for strong side carry (behind the hip)?

All Clinger Holsters will work for strong side carry. The No Print Wonder is the best concealment holster available for absolute concealment. The Stingray holster is very useful as well. The Stingray holster excels at ease-of-use while also sporting the smallest footprint possible. If ordering the Stingray holster, the 15-degree cant works best for strong side carry. The cant will help you draw the weapon from behind your hip and also help conceal your weapon better.

Q – Why don’t I see small of back holsters?

We don’t make small of back holsters because they aren’t safe. A fall can break your back if your spine lands on the gun hard enough.

Q – Do you have cross draw holsters?

The Gear Holster works great as a cross draw holster.

Q – Are your holsters designed for a Palm In or Palm Out grip?

We design all holsters with a Palm In grip. When you draw your weapon, your palm will be facing your body.

Q – Why is Kydex better than leather?

Kydex never breaks down. It never loses its shape. It doesn’t absorb sweat. It’s thinner & lighter. It allows one-handed re-holstering. It allows a faster draw. It’s designed to last a lifetime.

Q – How thick is your Kydex?

We use 0.08″ thick Kydex. It’s very strong and durable yet thin & lightweight.

Q – What belt size do your belt clips accommodate?

Our belt clips fit 1.5″ belts. However, we do have 1.75″ clips available for Stingray & No Print Wonder Holsters.

Q – What is the lead time?

Our lead time varies depending upon how many orders we have in queue. You’ll find the current lead time at the bottom of every page on our website and at the top of every product page.

Q – Will you email me when the holster is mailed?

We will send you an email when your holster hits the manufacturing line. It will ship within a few days after it hits the manufacturing line. We ship via USPS.

Q – How do refunds work?

You have 2 FULL WEEKS to try out a Clinger Holster! If you need to return a holster, it’s simple and easy. Mail it back to us with a short note about why you’re returning the holster. Please include the name you ordered the holster under, your phone number, email address, and order #. Please include in the note the reason for the return. Our address is: Clinger Holsters 1316 Main St Van Buren, AR 72956

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