Kydex Holsters – Lifetime Warranty
  • This covers your Kydex holster if it ever breaks due to manufacturing defects.
  • This warranty is a true Lifetime warranty for your holster under normal use.
  • This warranty covers everything except clips and screws. However, our clips are designed to last for years of normal use. Also, we suggest using Loctite on your screws when you get them set where you want them. We have extra clips and screws available at very low prices if replacements are needed.
Comfort Cling – 1 Year Warranty
  • This warranty covers your holster against normal wear and tear.
  • This warranty covers functional defects. For example, your pistol wears a hole in the holster (We have no reported cases of this yet, unlike our competitors).
  • This warranty does not cover cosmetic related occurrences (e.g. frayed threads).