We focus On Absolute Concealment

Our holsters can conceal big handguns easily. Clinger Holsters can make small to medium-sized guns simply disappear.

Our Patent-Pending “Cling Tab” System

We have patents pending on our “Cling Tab” system in our “No-Print Wonder” & “Ultra-Conceal OWB” holsters. The stiff “Cling Tab” pulls your pistol grip in close to your body while the “Flex Tab” flexes around your waist. This innovative design pulls the pistol grip in closer than any other holster on the market. When it comes to Concealed Carry, everybody knows that the grip is the hardest part of the pistol to conceal. Our Stingray Holsters will always have the belt clip mounted as close to the grip as possible. We don’t mount the belt clip over the slide as most holster companies do. It’s easier to make a holster that way but it’s not the best way to conceal a pistol. Your pistol will be tucked in closer to your side when the belt clip is actually close to your pistol grip.

The Clinger Holster Story

Clinger Holsters’ flagship holster was born out of necessity. Chris Tedder, the inventor of the “No Print Wonder” holster, needed to conceal a pistol without compromising firepower and without wearing baggy clothes. Everybody shoots service-sized guns better but most people conceal small guns. Chris didn’t accept the limits others placed on themselves. He wanted to carry the gun he shot well. 13 years later, he still carries bigger guns.

Why did Chris need to start concealing a pistol and why did he need to conceal it so well?

While in college, Chris worked the night shift at a popular restaurant. When the restaurant’s sister store a few miles away was robbed 3 times within a few months, Chris took a logical course of action: He bought a pistol to protect himself and his fellow employees. Chris’ manager allowed him to carry the pistol with one exception: Customers cannot see the pistol. Period. Now the real problem began. Holsters that conceal a double stack 45 with a 4-inch barrel aren’t that easy to find. In fact, it was impossible. That big 45 was just too noticeable through Chris’ shirt. Perhaps he decided to throw a .380 in his pocket right? Wrong! He was going to carry that 45. Chris was able to modify one of his holsters to the point it could barely conceal his pistol. He significantly altered the way the clips attached to the holster body. This modified holster sufficed for a few years but… The modified holster wasn’t good enough. It was time to build one completely from scratch.

Chris started making holsters from scratch in his apartment’s kitchen in 2009.

While he was able to significantly further his holster designs, his neighbors politely asked him to stop running a band saw next door! A few years later, Chris & Sherry Tedder bought a home with a garage. Now he was finally able to finish developing his holster that carried his big guns without “printing” through his shirt.

The No Print Wonder Holsters Was Born!

Now Chris could finally conceal any gun he desired without limitations. The “No Print Wonder” holster was able to conceal handguns better than any holster available on the market. This holster was too good to keep to himself. He decided to share it with the world! Chris started selling his holsters online. He was surprised by how quickly he became overwhelmed with orders. At this point, he had so many orders coming in that he was only sleeping 3-4 hours a night. Chris Tedder was a Software Engineer by day and a Holster Engineer by night. Sherry, his wife, was a full-time nurse. She was getting a little frustrated at how little spare time Chris had left. Chris realized he would have to choose one path and stick with it. The choice was easy. Chris said goodbye to the cubicle life of Software Development and decided to take his holster to the masses. Sherry contributed her entire nurse’s salary to fund the business’ startup costs while Chris built the business at night. Within a few short months, the No Print Wonder holster was a huge success. Chris & Sherry Tedder decided to take the business full time and left their day jobs in January 2015. Clinger Holster continues to gain more and more loyal customers every single year. Clinger Holsters has moved into a bigger facility and built more production lines to accommodate the huge amount of orders. Clinger Holsters also continues to innovate in the holster industry. The V2 lineup of holsters is extremely modular & highly concealable.

About “Clint The Clinger Crab”

The “Clint the Clinger Crab” was chosen as our Mascot because his claws are great at clinging to whatever he grabs. What a perfect mascot because Clinger Holsters are great at ensuring your firearm clings close to your side! In fact, that’s where the name “Clinger Holsters” came from. Our holsters ensure your firearm will cling close to your side. Let us tell you a little more about Clint the Clinger Crab. He’s a huge Constitutionalist. He believes the Bill of Rights describes individual rights, not the Government’s rights. He believes the Constitution was not penned in order to give rights to the Government but rather to limit the Government’s power. That being said, he is a staunch supporter of the 2nd Amendment. He carries a pistol everywhere he goes. The fact is, there are many predators stalking about willing to hurt law-abiding citizens like Clint. While Clint owns many pistols, he mostly carries service sized pistols like his P229 and Glock 19. He can easily conceal these pistols in a No Print Wonder Holster.

About Our Guarantee

Try it for 2 Full Weeks. If you’re not 100% satisfied with your new holster, you can return it. It’s a simple and easy process. Our Customer Care Team will respond to your email within 1 business day. We also back up every holster we produce with a Lifetime warranty.