Comfort Cling Holster

By Clinger Holsters

Non-Slip Holster works in Pocket or Waistband

This is a clipless holster that clings where you stick it. No Belt Clip is necessary. The non-slip holster utilizes friction to stay in place.

You will not find a more comfortable holster. The Comfort Cling has a GEL-Like core that completely dissipates the sharp edges of your gun.

It works as an IWB holster (inside-the-waistband). It also works great as a pocket holster. You can use it to stow your handgun in a glovebox or safe as well. The trigger will be safely covered by your Comfort Cling holster.

Dealers Welcome

clipless holster appendix carry
clipless holster behind the hip

Why is the Comfort Cling a Great Holster to Stock in Your Store?

  • Fits Most Single Stack Guns
  • Retails At Just $19.99
  •  Great Looking Packaging
  • Great Dealer Rates
  • Minimum Orders as Small as 6 Holsters
  • More Durable Than Sticky Holsters
  • More Comfortable Than Remora Holsters

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Fits Most Pistols

Holster Size Chart

Gun Model Holster Size
— 1911 —
1911 – 4″ Compact
1911 – 3″ Compact
— Beretta —
92F Compact Full Size
APX Full Size Full Size
APX Centurion Full Size
APX Compact Full Size
APX Carry Compact
Cheetah Compact
Cougar Full Size
Nano Compact
PX4 Compact Compact
PX4 Full Size Full Size
PX4 Subcompact Compact
PX4 Full Size Full Size
— Bersa —
BP9CC Compact
Bersa TPR9C Compact
Bersa Ultra Compact Pro Compact
— Boberg —
XR9-S Compact
XR9-L Compact
— Canik —
TP9 Elite SC Compact
TP9V2 Full Size
TP9SA Full Size
TP9SF Full Size
TP9SF Elite Full Size
— CZ —
PCR Compact
CZ-75 Compact Compact
P-01 Compact
RAMI Compact
CZ-75B Full Size
P-10 C Full Size
P-10 F Full Size
P-10 S Compact
P-07 Full Size
— EAA —
Witness Polymer Full Size
— FMK —
9C1 Full Size
— FNH —
509 Full Size
FNP Full Size
FNS Full Size
FNS Compact Compact
FNX Full Size
— Glock —
G17 Full Size
G19 Compact
G20 Full Size
G21 Full Size
G22 Full Size
G23 Compact
G26 Compact
G27 Compact
G29 Compact
G30 Compact
G31 Full Size
G32 Compact
G36 Compact
G43 Compact
G43X Compact
— H&K —
Hk45 Full Size
HK45 Compact Compact
P2000 Full Size
P2000SK Compact
P30 Full Size
P30L Full Size
P30SK Compact
P7M8 Compact
P7M13 Compact
USP Full Size
USP Compact Compact
VP9 Full Size
VP9SK Compact
— Honor Defense —
Honor Guard Compact Compact
Honor Guard Subcompact Compact
— Kahr —
CM9 Compact
CT45 Compact
CT9 Compact
CT40 Compact
CW9 Compact
CW40 Compact
PM45 Compact
— Kel-Tec —
P11 Compact
— LionHeart —
LH9 Full Size
LH9 MK II Full Size
— Mossberg —
MC1sc Compact
MC2c Full Size
— Remington —
R51 Compact
— Ruger —
Ruger-57 Full Size
LC9 Compact
Ruger American Full Size
Ruger American Compact Compact
P95 Full Size
Security 9 Full Size
Security 9 Compact Compact
SR22 Compact
SR40 Full Size
SR40C Compact
SR45 Full Size
SR9 Full Size
SR9C Compact
— SAR —
B6P Full Size
K2P Full Size
— Sccy —
CPX-1 Compact
CPX-2 Compact
— Sig Sauer —
1911 3.3 Inch Compact
M17 Full Size
M18 Full Size
P2022 Full Size
P220 Full Size
P224 Compact
P225 Compact
P225 A1 Compact
P226 Full Size
P228 Full Size
P229 Full Size
P2340 Full Size
P239 Full Size
P250 Compact Full Size
P250 Subcompact Compact
P320 Compact Full Size
P320 Subcompact Compact
P320 X-Carry (No Red Dot) Full Size
P320 XCOMPACT (No Red Dot) Full Size
P365XL (No Red Dot) Compact
P938 w/Laser Compact
— Smith and Wesson —
Shield Compact
Shield M2.0 Compact
Shield 380 EZ Compact
Shield M2.0 w/Intregrated Laser Compact
M&P Original 4.25″ Full Size
M&P 3.5 Compact Compact
M&P 22 Compact Compact
M&P M2.0 4.25″ Full Size
M&P 45 Full Size Full Size
M&P 45 Compact Full Size
M&P M2.0 Compact Full Size
SD9 Full Size
SW9 Full Size
5906 Full Size
6906 Compact
3913 Compact
— Springfield XD —
XD Subcompact Compact
XD Mod.2 Subcompact Compact
XDE Compact
XDs Compact
XDs Mod.2 Compact
XDs 4.0″ Compact
XD – 4″ Full Size
XD Mod.2 – 4″ Full Size
XDm 3.8″ Full Size
XDm 4.5″ Full Size
— Steyr —
M40-A1 Full Size
M9-A1 Full Size
— Stoeger —
STR-9 Full Size
STR-9C Compact
— Taurus —
24/7 Full Size
24/7 Compact Full Size
809 Full Size
G2C Compact
G3 Full Size
G3C Compact
PT111 G1 Compact
PT111 G2 Compact
PT709 Compact
— Walther —
CCP Compact
Creed Full Size
P22 Compact
P5 Compact
P99 Full Size
P99 Compact Full Size
PK380 Compact
PPQ Full Size
PPQ Subcompact Full Size
PPS M1 Compact
PPS M2 Compact
PPX Full Size
— —

Guns marked with * will protrude past bottom of holster

So how does it work?

The Comfort Cling holster has three layers:

  1. Non Slip Exterior Layer
  2. Cushioned Middle Layer
  3. Low Friction Interior Layer 
  1. Non-Slip Layer: The exterior layer is a non-slip fabric. When you put the holster in your waistband or pocket, it will stay behind when you draw your handgun. It is very durable (unlike other clip-less holsters on the market) & designed to provide years of service.
  2. Cushion Layer: We have designed a cushion material that has the feel of GEL yet weighs less than foam. You won’t feel any of the sharp edges on your handgun with this cushion barrier.
  3. Inner Layer: Ballistic nylon provides a very tough, durable interior for your handgun. It is low friction so that your handgun will slide out easily.

Videos Are Worth a Thousand Pictures

Easy to Use

Sometimes you don’t want to go through all the trouble of mounting an Inside the Waistband (IWB) holster. Perhaps you’re in hurry and just want to grab your gun & holster and go.

This is where the Comfort Cling really shines. Putting on your gun and holster is as simple as grabbing it and sticking it inside your waistband wherever you want your pistol to be.

Plus, the Comfort Cling works great in a pocket. The holster will hold your pistol upright until it’s ready to be used. Then, when you draw your weapon, the pistol draws easily while the Comfort Cling stays behind in your pocket.

More Comfortable Than Other Holsters

As you know handguns have sharp edges. The Comfort Cling’s Gel-like Cushion Core makes the gun’s sharp edges feel as round as marbles. Carrying your pistol in a Comfort Cling holster feels like your gun is riding in a pillow.

Zig-Zag Stitching Won’t Snag Your Pistol

Believe it or not, the other clipless holsters available can snag the rear sight of your gun!

They use a lazy Straight-Stitch. It’s faster and cheaper to make a holster with a Straight-Stitch. It’s also lower quality. The Comfort Cling holster is a high quality holster that won’t snag you’re rear sight. We only use genuine Zig-Zag stitching.

More Durable

Most clipless holsters on the market today are not durable. They tend to tear up within a few months of heavy use. However, the Comfort Cling holster was designed to last for years.

All 3 layers are made from extremely tough materials.

Other clipless holsters use thin foam or other less durable materials for the external layer. However, the Comfort Cling holster has an exterior layer made from a very durable fabric that is coated with a tough anti-slip coating.

The Comfort Cling holster’s middle layer will not collapse with use. The competitors’ holsters use a lower quality foam that collapses with use.

Ballistic nylon is one of the toughest fabrics available. It is extensively used in the United States military for applications that demand durability. The Comfort Cling holster uses a very tough ballistic nylon on the interior of the holster. Not only does this provide a low friction surface for an easy draw, but it will endure years of heavy use.

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