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2 Ways to Prevent Negligent Discharges

Unfortunately, there are still instances happening of accidental discharges—even in 2018. Which is why all of us need to continue to preach gun safety. But I have two ways to help prevent negligent discharges, or at least make it (hopefully) less likely. 1. Prevent negligent discharges by getting rid of that old holster that’s falling […]


Top 5 Things to Not Do as a Concealed Carrier

Being a concealed carrier is a responsibility and requires that when we do that we conduct ourselves differently than we otherwise would. We talked about situational awareness where the focus is to remain aware, but here I want to emphasize that there are things we shouldn’t do while concealed carrying. Don’t be a concealed carrier […]


5 Pains Concealed Carriers Experience

For concealed carriers, you may already be all-too-familiar with the aches and pains that come with carrying your gun every day. Which, if you carry every day, Excellent! Proud of you! Now, the pains we feel—some are minor—some are just annoying. 1. Car Rides with a Gun in the Holster Don’t get me wrong. Most […]