Concealed Carry: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

There are always questions that I field when talking with people in my community. Here’s a gigantic list to send to all your friends who always have a question about concealed carry with links and some of my personal favorites.

Note: CCL = Concealed Carry License and CCW = Concealed Carry Weapon

Q1. Do you need to carry your permit on you at all times?

A1. Yes. You should also carry your driver’s license, too, just to be safe in any legal situation. You went through the trouble of getting a CCL, why wouldn’t you carry it?

Q2. How much is it to get your concealed carry license?

A2. It depends on where you live, who you ask, who’s your instructor, etc. I paid approximately $400 for all of my training, the classes, and sending in my paperwork. This doesn’t include my firearm or accessories.

Although somewhat outdated, this website has a great table on comparing license costs state-by-state.

Q3. Is it worth it to get a concealed carry license if your state does not require it?

A3. Look, I get it. You don’t want to spend the money or send in your paperwork to the government—all the black helicopters and stuff.

Listen, having the license means you went through training and another person, other than your dad, believe you are competent with your concealed carry weapon. In other words, it’s a bit less shady than just keeping a gun in your waistband.

Q4. Do you have to have your weapon on you at all times?

A4. No. Do you have to have your driver’s license if you’re not driving? It’s still good to have with you anyway (put it in your glove-box if you have to go into an establishment that doesn’t permit CCWs).

Q5. Do you have to have a CCL to have a firearm in your home?

A5. Everyone should have, minimum, a handgun in the house for home protection.

Q6. I’m wearing my CCW at the grocery store, what if someone sees my weapon?

A6. We at Clinger Holsters recommend you check out this article from the San Diego County Gun Owners that overviews the legal and social aspect of displaying a concealed firearm.

Q7. Should I defend someone with my CCW?

A7. That’s a question you need to determine for yourself. Keep updated on your state’s laws. Here’s a good website to get you started: It’s updated regularly. Check out the NRA’s website, too.

Q8. Okay, I have my CCL, now what?

A8. Carry your CCW? I mean, why is this a question? Follow your state’s laws; carry concealed; protect yourself and your loved ones. That’s what. Also, remember to go to the range regularly.

Q9. Should I draw my CCW?

A9. This question is too broad. Check this post I wrote a few weeks ago.  I’m not a lawyer. But yours will tell you that you shouldn’t draw your weapon unless you intend to use it. You should have tried every possible means of de-escalation before resorting to deadly force. Period.

Q10. What gun is best for concealed carry?

A10. Alright. This isn’t a fair question. This is like asking me if you should eat bananas for breakfast. Look, you need to carry the gun that you are most comfortable and familiar with and fits your physique. I can’t tell you what gun is best for you—only you can.

I have small hands, so a double-stack .45mm 1911 isn’t going to fit me, but if you have big mitts, then it might. It’s all about what best suits your needs. Here’s our gigantic list of 50 of the Best Concealed Carry Weapons to help you decide!

Q11. How often should I change my concealed carry ammunition?

A11. I get this question, often. Check out this article if you want to know the logic behind my answer. In short, you should change your ammo every 4-6 months depending on the weather your CCW is subjected to.

This is not an exhaustive list, but this should answer all the immediate Concealed carry and gun holster questions. My typical answer is, check out your states’ laws if you need to know legal information.

Was there a question I missed that needs to make it to this list? Let me know in the comments!

Hannah Staton holds a Bachelor’s of Arts in Rhetoric and Writing from the University of Arkansas – Fort Smith where she also is a Writing Tutor. She was issued her Concealed Carry License in 2016, but has grown up around firearms her whole life. She is a Contributing Editor and Copy Writer for Clinger Holsters. She is an artist, cigar enthusiast, poet, and an avid shooter. She resides in Van Buren, Arkansas with her dog, Sunday and spends as much of her free time either with her family or making art. You can find her on Instagram @hr.staton or reach her by email:

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