Best Concealed Carry Handguns

The 50 Best Concealed Carry Guns in 2020 (with pictures)

Why Are These The Best Concealed Carry Guns of 2020? These are the hottest selling and best-concealed carry guns on the market. Tens of thousands of our customers have collectively chosen these pistols over all the other concealed carry handguns…
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The Ultimate List of Concealed Carry Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

There are always questions that I field when talking with people in my community. Here’s a gigantic list to send to all your friends who always have a question about concealed carry with links and some of my personal favorites. Note: CCL…
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Verbal Defense and De-escalation: 3 Methods

We have talked, some, about situational preparedness in another post. Now, I want to explain a little about some of the things you should try first before even drawing your weapon: verbal defense and de-escalation. Lawyers and law enforcement…
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What to Do When Pulled Over as a Concealed Carrier

I realize that getting pulled over can stress just about anyone out. But for a concealed carrier, it can be even more stressful because there’s a gun in the vehicle. In fact, being stressed or acting nervous when you are pulled over as…
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Travel Awareness & the "Gray Man" Concept

When I did my concealed carry holster training one of the key things I was taught and cautioned was this: people live in three levels of awareness and you should be a gray man. 3 Colors of Situational Awareness 1) Green – this is a level…
using your CCW when someone is trying to steal
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When to Use Your CCW in Defense of Others

First, let me remind you guys that I am not a lawyer and these are strictly my personal opinions based on my own morals, training, and interpretation of the law while using my own concealed carry holsters (CCW). This is not intended to be a…