What to Do When Pulled Over as a Concealed Carrier?

I realize that getting pulled over can stress just about anyone out. But for a concealed carrier, it can be even more stressful because there’s a gun in the vehicle.

In fact, being stressed or acting nervous when you are pulled over as a concealed carrier can put the officer on higher alert. When an officer approaches a vehicle, they have already begun their own situational awareness.

They too are trying to determine whether or not the person they are encountering means to do them harm or not.

When you are pulled over as a concealed carrier: Be Up-Front

Before the officer even gets to your window when you are pulled over as a concealed carrier, have it rolled down with your license, your CCL, and vehicle registration in hand.

When they ask for your items, the first thing out of your mouth should be that you are a licensed concealed carrier and that your gun is in the vehicle with you.

Note: your hands should be where the officer can see them. Then, the officer should let you know how to proceed you. If you haven’t committed a crime, and you’re not on drugs, or have been drinking, then you have nothing to worry about.

Maybe the officer will simply say something like: “Keep it holstered and we’re good.”

The reason to inform the officer so that they have the knowledge and the choice to decide how to proceed. This also communicates to them that you value both your safety and theirs. Depending on the state you live in, you should be as clear and concise as possible about the usage of any concealed carry holster. You are strangers—it’s unlikely you trust one another.

Also, it’s so much better to inform the officer than for your weapon to fall out of the glove box as you reach for your vehicle’s registration. If you’re straight with them from the start, things will go smoothly. (If you were speeding, you still might get the ticket, however).

The easiest way to avoid getting a ticket (and perhaps pulled over at all) is to maintain your own situational awareness and follow the law.

How did your last blue-light stop go with your gun in the car?

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