There is more than meets the eye when it comes to gun culture in the United States. Gun culture help keep us, the citizens of the U.S., safe.

Here are a few reasons you may want to keep this gun culture alive:

1. An armed population is a heavy discouragement to mainland invasion.

I don’t know about you, but it would be insane of any leader to send their soldiers to invade any country with an armed public. It reminds me of (either fact or legend, you can determine that yourself) the Swiss Ambassador’s reply to the German Ambassador’s question in early 1900:

Q: If we invade Switzerland with twice as many troops as its population, what then?
A: We will shoot twice and go home.

2. Familiarity breeds… Normalcy

People are not afraid of things that they find normal. Alcohol and tobacco can be deadly, but the majority of people are not afraid of either of them. It is the children, teenagers, etc. that you hear the terrible stories of accidental shootings and typically it is because they are not raised around guns.

Coming from a family where firearms are normal (not just pistols, but all manner of long arms as well), gun safety has been drilled into me. Even the people I know, who grew up around guns, but not shooting them still know proper gun safety. This is where the utility of concealed carry holsters comes in.

3. Hunters contribute to the economy and the environment.

In the North West United States alone there are over 1 million licenses, permits, and tags sold to hunters. Which totals to over 25 million dollars; that money is circulated back toward habitat improvement and ensuring the survival of wildlife.

This is not to mention the amount of money from ammunition, gear, and sometimes firearm sales that puts money into the economy. Of course, we all know that hunting also helps improve the wildlife population.

4. Creates a proud heritage and a sense of community.

Many of the hunters from the previous point, take their children, spouses, brothers, sisters, friends, hunting with them. In my family, there have been shotguns, rifles, and pistols passed down from grandfather to his grandsons; hunting cabins passed from one generation to the next.

It connects us all together—bringing us closer as a family and as a community that “passes the torch” from one generation to the next. It also encourages family and friends to get together outside, rather than indoors.

5. Creates responsibility and accountability.

In some schools, there is even a Clay Target League—this gives teenagers the opportunity to hone their skills and work together as a team. However, this gives them an opportunity to learn about accountability to themselves and learning how to be a safe marksman.

This inevitably leads to a safer, more informed adult likely to carry those traits with them and even incorporating gun culture into their life.

Who is the first person you want to include in your personal gun culture?

Note: The view portrayed in the post are the sole opinion of the author and does not portray in any way the views of  Clingers Holsters. Clinger Holsters is a brand that has one of the best kydex holsters made in USA with a mission to make concealed carry easy and comfortable.

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