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The Comfort Holster is Back!

We attach amazingly soft & supple leather & aerated Gel padding to the back of a Kydex holster to bring you full Kydex performance & unbelievable comfort.We will offer a few different models in our Comfort Series. The LeatherBack is the first.


Cushioned Kydex Holster
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Our Kydex Holsters Conceal Your Gun better

We Obsess over Concealment

IWB Holster
Great Holsters Conceal Better

A good holster will hold a gun securely. A GREAT holster will make your gun undetectable. Too many holsters just focus on fitting the gun. Not much thought goes into how well the holster fits YOU. Great concealment seems to be an afterthought.  If you’ve ever wondered if your gun was printing (poking) through your shirt, you know what we’re talking about. Have you ever reached for a smaller gun before leaving your home because you didn’t want somebody to “spot” your gun? If so, you probably have one of those gun holsters that are good but not great.

How Do We Hide Your Gun Better? 

Our Patent-Pending “Cling Tab” system pulls the grip of your weapon in close to your body. If you take a look at a typical holster, it’ll have either 1 or 2 belt clips to secure itself to your belt (hopefully you’re wearing a good gun belt). Those belt clips are almost always mounted to Kydex OR leather. Our Patent-Pending “No Print Wonder” holster is different. It’s the only holster on the market that combines BOTH Kydex and leather belt tabs to actively pull the grip of your weapon in close to your body as you cinch down your belt. We accomplish the gun-hiding feat with our  “Cling Tab” system. Every No Print Wonder holster has a stiff “Cling Tab” mounted to one belt clip and a leather “Flex Tab” mounted to the other belt clip. The Flex Tab will allow the holster to flex around your waist while the Cling Tab will force the grip of your weapon in close to your body as you cinch your belt down.

Adjustment Options Boost Concealment & Comfort

It’s important to realize that no two body shapes will be exactly alike. Some people can conceal their favorite pistol best in the Appendix Carry position. Others will be able to conceal their pistol best Behind the Hip. Some of us have a little extra cushion in our mid-section and a few of us are on the skinny side. Your holster needs to be able to fit YOUR specific body type. Depending on what works for you and your body type, you might need a high ride height or a low ride height. You might need a 15 degree cant, a strong cant, or no cant at all.

Our No Print wonder holster has three clip adjustment options on each side of the holster. This gives you an incredible 9 adjustment options. This allows you to adjust the No Print Wonder holster from 10°-30°. These 9 adjustment options will also allow you to get the ride height where you need it to fit you best. After you get the cant & ride height dialed in where you need it, our Flex Tab will allow the holster to flex around your waist. Don’t forget that the Cling Tab will have your pistol’s grip snugged in close to your body as well. Now you’re concealing your weapon in a holster that has been adjusted to fit your body like a glove. After you get your No Print Wonder holster dialed in to your preferred cant and ride height, you can conceal any gun better. NO Bull. It really works. You can see for yourself in our videos page here.

Our Stingray & LeatherBack holsters can be built to three different options: Flush Fit (0° – Low Ride Height), 0° (High Ride Height for a Combat Grip), & 15° (FBI Cant). You can find other single-clip holsters similar to the Stingray holster without looking too hard. You’ll quickly notice however, that we mount our belt clip to the holster differently. It’s a very important difference concerning concealment. Almost all other holster makers mount their belt clip over the slide of the pistol. Here’s a perfect example of everyone doing something a certain way because that’s how everyone else has always done it. We don’t mount our belt clips over the pistol’s slide on our Stingray & LeatherBack holsters. We mount the belt clip as close as we can get it to the grip of the weapon. Why? It’s because we’d rather have the pistol grip pulled in close to the body instead of the pistol’s slide. If we can get the grip in close to your body, you can conceal a bigger gun than you would have previously attempted to routinely carry. If we can get the grip of your weapon in closer to your body you can carry your smaller guns into any environment completely undetected.

Our Atom holsters have a 0° degree cant (the pistol points straight down) and an adjustable ride height. The Atom holster also has the belt clip mounted close to the pistol’s grip. A smaller gun like a Glock 43 or XDS will disappear in our Atom holster.

Leave Your Home with a Bigger Gun

You can easily carry a big gun in a No Print Wonder holster. If you usually carry a Glock 19, you can reach for your Glock 17 instead & conceal it perfectly fine. Many of our faithful customers carry full size 1911 & Sig P226 pistols EVERY DAY. Imagine how well it’ll conceal smaller guns like the Glock 26 or M&P Shield.

Our holsters are the best Concealed Carry holsters on the market for Absolute Concealment. Clinger Holsters provide a level of concealment you haven’t experienced before. Concealment is our passion. Every holster we design has concealment engineered into it. They’re great designs that just work.  No other Concealment holster on the market can conceal your gun as well as a Clinger Holster. Clinger Holsters are comfortable as well because the holster cant & ride height are dialed in to fit you. If you’re looking for the best IWB holsters for concealed carry, you’re at the right place.

Small Footprint

Conceals Better

Concealment Holster
The smaller your holster is, the easier it is to conceal. We make every Clinger Holster as small and streamlined as possible. Small & lightweight Kydex Holsters conceal better than other IWB holsters. You’ll also find that small Kydex Holsters are more comfortable than a hybrid holster that wraps halfway around your waist. The smaller footprint of Clinger Holsters won’t trap as much sweat as a bigger holster either. When you’re using IWB holsters, smaller is better.

Sweat Shield

Full Sweat Protection

Concealed Carry Holster
Our Stingray & “No-Print Wonder” Kydex Holsters have full sweat shields. A full Kydex sweat shield keeps sweat off your gun better than leather. Leather absorbs sweat. Kydex does not. A full Kydex sweat shield becomes even more valuable in the warmer months when you’re more likely to sweat. This is another way our Concealed Carry Holsters outperform other IWB holsters.

Corrosion Resistant Hardware

More Sweat Protection

Kydex IWB Holster
The best Concealed Carry holsters start with the best materials. That’s why we use the best hardware available on our holsters to withstand sweat: black oxide steel hardware. IWB holsters are subjected to more sweat than OWB holsters. Our holster hardware will resist sweat better than some lower quality Kydex holsters found lurking around the internet.

Adjustable Retention

As Simple as Turning a Screw

Gun Holster
One of the best benefits of a well made Kydex holster is how precise you can dial in the retention. A well made Concealed Carry holster should always have adjustable retention. Many holsters don’t have any retention adjustments at all! Some prefer their holster to have a loose hold on their pistol. Others want it tight enough to shake upside down without losing the handgun. You can fine tune the retention on your Clinger Holster as tight or loose as you prefer. 

Kydex Holsters Perform Better

Demand a Full Kydex Shell

Pistol Holster

There’s a reason competition shooters prefer Kydex Holsters over leather. Kydex performs better than any other holster material on the market. If you want a fast, smooth draw year after year, you want a Concealed Carry Holster with a Full Kydex shell.

 Hybrid holsters that use Kydex on one side and leather on the other side have become a little more popular over the last few years. The problem with hybrid holsters is they don’t offer true Kydex performance . They have half the performance of a gun holster made with a full Kydex shell. The leather back of a Hybrid holster will break down over time and lose retention. That’s an undeniable fact about leather. The draw from a hybrid holster isn’t as fast and crisp as the draw from a full Kydex holster. Your gun won’t click into the holster as well. If you hold a hybrid holster upside down with a gun in it, the holster might hold the gun in and it might not. The odds, however are astronomically higher in a Full Kydex holster that your gun will stay in the holster if you hold the holster upside down. This is especially true if the Kydex holster has adjustable retention like Clinger Holsters do.

 You may be asking yourself “why in the world do I care if my gun stays in the holster when I turn it upside down? I’m not in the habit of walking around upside down on my hands with my feet in the air.” The truth is that most people carry a firearm so that we are prepared for the rare circumstance that a criminal attacker crosses our path. There’s a very real possibility in that circumstance that you and the attacker are both rolling around on the ground. This would be the absolute worst time for your weapon to fall out! Your weapon shouldn’t come out of your holster until your hand is wrapped around the pistol grip.

 Use what the pros use: a full Kydex Holster.

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