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Absolute Concealment Holsters

We Obsess over Concealment

Our Kydex holsters are the best Concealed Carry holsters on the market for Absolute Concealment. Clinger Holsters provide a level of concealment you haven’t experienced before. Concealment is our passion. Every Kydex holster that we design has concealment engineered into it. Our Stingray & Atom Kydex holsters have the belt clip is mounted toward the gun grip. This pulls the grip in closer than if the clip was mounted over the slide like other Kydex holsters. It’s a simple idea that just works. Our No Print Wonder Holsters have our Patent-Pending Cling Tab system that pulls the grip of your weapon in extremely close to your body. No other Concealed Carry holster on the market comes close to our level of concealment. If you’re looking for the best IWB holsters for concealed carry, you’re at the right place.

Small Footprint

Conceals Better

The smaller your Concealed Carry Holster is, the easier it is to conceal. We make every Clinger Holster as small and streamlined as possible. Small & lightweight Kydex Holsters conceal better than other IWB holsters. You’ll also find that small Kydex Holsters are more comfortable than a hybrid holster that wraps halfway around your waist. The smaller footprint of our Concealed Carry Holsters won’t trap as much sweat as a bigger holster either. When you’re using IWB holsters, smaller is better.

Sweat Shield

Full Sweat Protection

Our Stingray & “No-Print Wonder” Kydex Holsters have full sweat shields. A full Kydex sweat shield keeps sweat off your gun better than leather. Leather absorbs sweat. Kydex does not. A full Kydex sweat shield becomes even more valuable in the warmer months when you’re more likely to sweat. This is another way our Concealed Carry Holsters outperform other IWB holsters.

Corrosion Resistant Hardware

More Sweat Protection

The best Concealed Carry holsters start with the best materials. That’s why we use the best hardware available on our Kydex holsters to withstand sweat: black oxide steel hardware. IWB holsters are subjected to more sweat than OWB holsters. Our holster hardware will resist sweat better than some lower quality Kydex holsters found lurking around the internet.

Adjustable Retention

As Simple as Turning a Screw

One of the best benefits of a well made Kydex holster is how precise you can dial in the retention. A well made Concealed Carry holster should always have adjustable retention. Many IWB holsters don’t have any retention adjustments at all! Some prefer their Concealed Carry Holster to have a loose hold on their pistol. Others want it tight enough to shake upside down without losing the handgun. You can fine tune the retention on your Clinger Holster as tight or loose as you prefer. 

Kydex Performs Better

Don’t Rely on Leather

There’s a reason competition shooters prefer Kydex Holsters over leather. Kydex performs better than any other holster material on the market. If you want a fast, smooth draw year after year, you want a Concealed Carry Holster with a Full Kydex shell.  Hybrid IWB holsters don’t offer true Kydex performance either. Hybrid IWB holsters have half the performance of a full Kydex Holster. The leather back of a Hybrid IWB holster will break down over time and lose retention. Use what the pros use: a full Kydex Holster.