Top 5 Things to Not Do as a Concealed Carrier

Being a concealed carrier is a responsibility and requires that when we do that we conduct ourselves differently than we otherwise would. We talked about situational awareness where the focus is to remain aware, but here I want to emphasize that there are things we shouldn’t do while using concealed carry holsters.

Don’t be a concealed carrier and…

1. Take Prescription Drugs that Impair Judgment or Motor Skills.

That same prescription will tell you to not drive or operate heavy machinery. So, you definitely shouldn’t be concealed carrying. It’s difficult to say where prescriptions create impairments   Honestly if you can’t safely operate your vehicle, then you shouldn’t be carrying a pistol.

2. Suffer Insomnia.

If you’ve ever stayed up for 48 hours (as an adult) then you know that the lack of sleep can cause irritability, slow motor skills, drowsiness (of course), paranoia, altered judgment and a manner of other things. If you have a lack of judgment, you shouldn’t be carrying concealed.

3. Drink.

I mean this one is beat into the dirt, but it’s definitely on this list. It’s the law. But like I’ve already said, anything that impairs with your judgment should be mixed with carrying a concealed handgun. It’s a trade-off; if you want to drink, don’t be a concealed carrier. If you’re carrying, don’t drink. There’s the risk. But you shouldn’t risk your life or the life of others by drinking and assessing a situation incorrectly.

4. Dabble with Drugs.

Schedule I drugs are what I’m talking about—meth, cocaine, heroin, marijuana, etc. I understand that marijuana is starting to move out of that circle at the state level, but it affects motor skills, reaction times, and in some people judgment. It’s on the form when you purchase a firearm. If you have a legitimate medical need to use marijuana, be mindful. If you need to defend yourself, the effects of marijuana are notorious for making its users docile.

5. Deal with Severe Emotional Distress.

There was a point in my life where my head was not in the right place—I was grieving the loss of my step-father, dealing with the end of a bad personal relationship, the end of my junior year of my undergraduate, and etc.

At the time I hadn’t got my concealed carry license yet, but I received it towards the end of dealing with that stress. I didn’t carry my concealed carry weapon (CCW) until I had received some counsel and dealt with my problems. We all go through periods of our lives like that. However, don’t add the responsibility of carrying a firearm under those physical and emotional stress. Take the time to get yourself better.

I know there are many that I have missed, so please feel free to jot them down in the comments for me or create a discussion about the ones I have included above.

You may or may not agree with the ones I’ve included for those who are a concealed carrier, but I just want to remind everyone that concealed carrying under the influence of certain things is not a good idea.

As a CCL holder and a law-abiding citizen to it is important to be alert and your mind and body unhindered for your own safety and others.

Which “Conceal Carry and Don’t…” really gets your mind thinking and why?

Hannah Staton holds a Bachelor’s of Arts in Rhetoric and Writing from the University of Arkansas – Fort Smith where she also is a Writing Tutor. She was issued her Concealed Carry License in 2016, but has grown up around firearms her whole life. She is a Contributing Editor and Copy Writer for Clinger Holsters. She is an artist, cigar enthusiast, poet, and an avid shooter. She resides in Van Buren, Arkansas with her dog, Sunday and spends as much of her free time either with her family or making art. You can find her on Instagram @hr.staton or reach her by email:

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