IWB Hinge Holster for Glock 36

There are easily thousands of different holsters to choose from when it comes to concealed carry. So how in the world do you decide on your next concealed carry holster? Well here are a few strategies to help you:

1. When choosing a concealed carry holster, decide how you want to carry.

Or rather, what’s the best fit for you—which unfortunately means you might have to try out a holster that ends up not suiting you. That’s okay! For a while, I carried a Kydex holster that had a wide belt clip but put the grip of my pistol about 1.5 inches away from my body.

It made concealed carry during the summer a nightmare but was perfect for winter carry. Finally, I found an IWB holster for summer carry that I can wear with my shorts.

There are a few ways to concealed carry, IWB (in-the-waistband), Shoulder carry, pocket carry, and many, many more. The best thing is to try a style (and practice drawing safely) and test to see if one style is more comfortable (for everyday carry, drawing, and having a minimal print).

Once you find a style that suits you, you’ll be able to narrow down your search.

2. When choosing a concealed carry holster, pick between manufacturers.

It’s likely that you’ll run into different styles of the same type of holsters—made of different materials, with different modifications (removable or adjustable belt clips), &, etc.

You can look online for different reviews or comparisons and sometimes a person at the counter of your sporting goods store could give you some insight.

The best way to decide between them is to determine what features you need in your holster. Maybe it’s important that your holster is supremely customizable with different ride heights and cant angles? Maybe you need it to be versatile (i.e. a holster for IWB as well as pocket carry)?

Your holster should fit your needs as close as possible so it will be much safer and more secure and therefore you will enjoy carrying (which means you’re more likely to carry every day) and you will have the confidence to do so. Make sure you choose a durable and low-print concealed carry holster that will give you a lifetime of supply.

3. Lastly, expect trial and error.

In the end, you’re not really going to truly know you have the right holster until you put your gun in it and carry.

It doesn’t matter how many reviews you read or how many people you talk to—you’re only going to know when you’ve had the holster working (or not) for you.

Some holsters may be better for different seasons or for a different outfit (i.e. wearing jeans and a belt vs. wearing a suit vs. wearing your winter clothes). It’s all going to depend on what you need at the time for you and your weapon.

What is your favorite concealed carry holster of all time and why? Have you tried our great kydex holsters out yet?

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