The majority of people who have a concealed carry license are men; I get that. But, more and more women are getting interested in firearms and self-defense. It’s normal to want your lady, mother, aunt, sister, daughter, etc. to learn to protect themselves; especially if you’ve had your license for 10 years and have been familiar with firearms your whole life. “But she’s scared of guns!” Well, first you need to realize: that’s okay! Maybe she hasn’t been taught about guns at all and has enough respect for an object that can potentially be used to kill someone to know not to fool around. It’s an opportunity for you to show your her something new and it’s nothing to be afraid of, but just respect. Now, how in the world do you convince her (whoever your her is) to get familiar with firearms and eventually get a concealed carry license?

1.Take Her to the Range

I don’t mean you and 4 of your guy friends and her. Just the two of you. First off, she might be much more comfortable learning without a bunch of people around (Plus there’s less distractions). Don’t make her do anything, try anything, etc. unless she wants to. Put her in some hearing protection and plink for a little bit. Get her used to it. Ask if she wants to try it out herself.

Now here I want to make a note: Guys, most women have small hands. Most of them are not going to be able to grip your full sized 1911; not comfortably. So, if you don’t have a smaller gun, realize your her might have trouble (or she might surprise both of us and love it). Just keep that in mind.

After you get her used to the idea, she tries it out, and likes it, make it a regular date. Take her shooting by herself, then maybe a group thing and have your friends bring their hers. Maybe even make it a competition.

2.Tell Her Why

Sit her down and tell her all the reasons why you want her to get her concealed carry license. You want her to be independent, to protect herself and her (maybe yours too) family, to be your “back up.” One of the largest compliments (and most meaningful praise) that I ever received from my late step-father (who was a retired police officer and a concealed carry instructor) was that he was proud to have me as his “back up” because of my skill, my self-responsibility and discipline to my firearm, and my dedication to becoming a better, safer marksman. My step-father wanted me to get my CCL because he knew that he wasn’t going to always be there to protect me, my mother, and my sisters.

3. Buy Her Pistol & Gear

Get her all set up to be able to go to the range, practice, and (after she gets her license) concealed carry. Now she can’t make the excuse that she doesn’t have the stuff she needs to get her license or carry.  Let her take her gear to the range, test it out, and answer all her questions as many times as she asks. You having confidence in her will help her have confidence in herself.

Understand, none of these are fool proof. Every woman (as you probably already know) is different. They all feel differently about firearms and that’s fine. But I will tell you, don’t push your her. Give her the opportunity, the support, and let her make the decision. I’m sure she’ll thank you, regardless of if any of these convinces her to (at least) get more familiar with firearms or not.

If you could, how often would you take your her to the range?

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