Taurus G3C next to Sig P365

This video goes into detail about the differences of these two pistols.

There’s even slow motion video to show recoil.

Taurus G3C VS Sig P365


Neither of these great pistols will do you much good without an amazing holster to carry them in.

Checkout our excellent Sig P365 Holsters & Taurus G3C Holsters and you’ll actually enjoy carrying your pistol.


This seems to be the biggest question when comparing the Taurus G3C VS Sig P365. Can I trust my life with a Taurus G3C in my concealed carry holster?

I can say that after a couple thousand rounds through the Taurus G3C, it’s just as reliable as my Sig P365.

Also, I have many thousands of rounds through my Taurus PT111 G2. The Taurus PT111 G2 is the gun that the G2C and G3C are “based on”.I use the words “based on” very loosely.

That’s because all three are really the same gun. They really are. Taurus claims to have tweaked the trigger.

In reality, the trigger is very similar amongst all three models: PT111 G2, G2C, and G3C.

The only real differences are as follows:
The G2C dropped the safety lock inside the pistol that used a key to disable the pistol.
The G3C widened the trigger safety lever and added a better finish.


They’re the same pistol. This is a good thing. I say this because the PT111 G2 has been an amazing pistol for me with thousands of rounds through it with zero malfunctions.

Bottom line: the Taurus G3C is reliable. I have also discussed this in detail in my Taurus G3C Review.

Taurus G3C in front of Sig P365

Is the Sig P365 reliable? It’s 100% reliable. Plus it has the Sig reputation for durability, engineering, and high quality to go along with its outstanding reliability.

They are both reliable.

However, I would expect the Sig to go many more thousands of rounds than the Taurus before it does finally break (it better had for the price).

We’ve talked about how legendary this Sig is in our Sig P365 Review.

Sig P365 In Front Of Taurus G3C


The ergonomics on both of these pistols are top notch. They both feel great in the hand.

However, I will give the slight edge to the Taurus G3C.

It feels better in the hand.Plus, it’s a little bigger. That helps.

The Taurus G3C also has memory pads built into the frame that make it feel amazing in the hands.

Both pistols have front serrations, good stippling, an undercut under the trigger guard, and a decent sized beavertail.

I will say that the grip is a little too small to feel great in my hands. A Hogue grip made it perfect though!

Sig P365 with Hogue Grip

When you do a Taurus G3C VS Sig P365 comparison of the stippling, the G3C has much more aggressive stippling. That can be good and bad. It’s good on the range and a little harsh against your skin for concealed carry.

Although the G3C’s stippling is a bit rough, it’s overall ergonomics are a little better than the P365’s. It’d better be better. It’s bigger!

Ergonomics wise, the P365 is closer to a gun like the Hellcat. You can read all about that comparison in our Springfield Hellcat vs Sig P365 comparison.

Frame and Controls

The G3C has take down levers very similar to Glock. Pull the tabs down to do a field strip. While it’s easier to field strip than some pistols on the market, it’s not as easy as the P365.

Taurus G3C Laying Next To Sig P365

The P365 has a lever that you flip down to perform a field strip. It’s just plain easier. Sig employed the same system in their P365XL as well. If you’re interested, you can read all about it in our Sig P365XL vs Sig P365 comparison.

The slide release is a little easier to reach if you have small hands.

The Taurus G3C has a standard Picatinny rail while Sig’s P365 has a proprietary rail. So while you can mount almost anything you want on the Taurus, you’re a little more limited with the P365.Yet, most people won’t attach anything to their concealed carry piece.

Plus, Sig has teamed up with Lima, Foxtrot, and Streamlight to give you plenty of attachment offerings.

Both guns are pretty much equal in the Frame and Controls category.


The sights on the Sig p365 are superior to most other pistols. They’re amazing. The X-Ray3 Day/Night Sights are easy to pick up day or night. The front sight is green and very easy to pick out from the muted black rear sight.

Sig P365 Front Sight

The sights on the Taurus G3C are good too. They just don’t compare to the Sig’s. They are black and muted in the rear. There is also a white dot in the rear.

I can land shots on target fast and accurately with them. They’re very good.

taurus g3c sight picture

Sig edges out the Taurus in this category.


Both are good. The Sig is better.

Sig P365 Trigger

The G3C’s trigger is a Double Action/Single Action striker fired trigger. It’s rare. You do get second strike capability but the trigger’s feel is different because of it.It’s a polymer trigger with a safety blade in the middle (similar to Glock’s).

It has a large amount of room before it hit’s “the wall”. After you hit the wall, the break is clean. The reset is short. The follow-up shot’s are short.

Overall, the Taurus’s trigger is good. It just takes a little practice to get used to it.

taurus g3c trigger lever front view

The Sig P365’s trigger is very good. It’s a rounded metal trigger. It feels really good too. The break is great. The reset is great. It’s everything you look for in a concealed carry trigger.

Sig edges out Taurus here.


Both have internal safeties to keep the gun from firing if it’s dropped.

The G3C has a manual thumb safety. The Sig P365 can be ordered either way. However most people order the Sig without one.

The G3C has a trigger blade safety too. Some people like these extra safeties that Taurus has added and some people don’t.

This category can’t have a winner because these safety differences are subjective to the shooter.

Shooting Impressions

Both of these pistols shoot excellent. They really do. Both are very accurate. Also, both handle recoil very well for their size.

The triggers and sights worked very well on the shooting range to keep the shot groupings nice and tight.

Sig P365 on top of Taurus G3C

These two pistols tied here. Next to reliability, this is probably the most important category.

It’s interesting that the pistols tied in both of the most important categories by which you’d judge a concealed carry pistol.

You’d expect the P365 to shoot similarly to a smaller gun like the Glock 43 rather than a slightly larger gun like the G3C.

By the way, if you want to read about how the Glock 43 vs the Sig P365 comparison plays out, it on our blog as well.


Sig wins here.

The Taurus is still a good pistol. It’s excellent for $250.
The Sig’s $550 price tag is evident in the quality though.

The attention to details, night sights, Sig’s reputation, and Sig’s expensive branding all add to the cost of the P365.

Sig P365 Grip on top of Taurus G3C

Both pistols are worth the money.

You’ll have to decide if the details that separate the P365 are worth the price.

Either one will make a fine concealed carry companion.

Sig P365 on top of Taurus G3C - grip

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15 replies
  1. Ambrose verrone
    Ambrose verrone says:

    I was ” one of those guys” who hated Taurus when customer service and quality lacked way back when . purchased a lot of firearms from other companies costing more . finally purchased a little p22 to plink with and it broke . sent it to Taurus they told me they would hold good and sent me a new g2c guess I was wrong because loved it and purchased 2 more Taurus since then and may try a revolver next the new Taurus are doing everything right in my opinion

  2. Gerry
    Gerry says:

    The only people who won’t find a thing to like about the G3C are the folks that never tried one or haven’t touched one since the bad old days. This is really a good pistol for the money. Taurus has come a long way and they continue to improve. The G3’s are built in their new Georgia plant, and the differences are dramatic. I recommend at least renting one at your favorite range and see for yourself.

  3. Connor H
    Connor H says:

    Good comparison. The Sig P365 grip has always been too small for me; I loved the idea until I picked one up. They just fit my hand wrong. M&Ps and Shields both fit my hand comfortably, and the G3C/G2C has a similar grip angle and shape.
    Additionally, I refuse to pay good money for Sig to use me as a beta tester any longer; 3 recalls later and I’m done with Sig products.

  4. Brad
    Brad says:

    Its all really subjective. If you personally like it, can shoot it well and above all it is reliable kama then you have what works best for you! Will I say any particular manufacturer is better than the other? No. Its like Ford, Chevys and Chrysler, personal preference. If you take care of it, it will take care of you

  5. Dangerous Dave
    Dangerous Dave says:

    I own both and consider them both very good guns. It does make me scratch my head a little to hear someone say the Taurus makes a better CCW because it’s bigger!? I prefer to carry my Sig because it’s smaller. Surely I’m not the only person who prefers a smaller weapon for *concealed* carry. Unless you’re a really big guy, I can’t imagine bigger being an advantage for something you wish to conceal.

  6. Cody
    Cody says:

    I’ve got both the g3c & sig p365 I carry the taurus more and it’s been really reliable I just the finish was as good as sig or glock

  7. wreckmaster
    wreckmaster says:

    I’d like to know why I got screwed on the gun exchange on my Millennium Pro PT 24/7? Yeah, remember that? I was supposed to be able to exchange my garbage, recalled gun for the G2. What happened…… crickets!

  8. elsullo elsullo2
    elsullo elsullo2 says:

    I like my Taurus G2 very much, BUT it is crucial to note that it is a SINGLE ACTION pistol! It is fully cocked when racked, and there is no de-cocker. This means using the manual safety is crucial for truly safe carry, as the two internal passive safeties can be defeated by lint or grit! This pistol is only double-action as a second strike when the first trigger pull does not fire the bullet. If the second strike does work, the gun reverts back to single-action. A lot of foolish owners do not understand their owner’s manual and carry cocked-and-NOT-locked in an unsafe condition…………………….elsullo

  9. Carl Shepard
    Carl Shepard says:

    Sig, Glock, & all the other overpriced companies better wake up. I’m no gonna say their not worth it bc if u can afford it they are. I have both. I also have a G2C that performs flawlessly. Not only Taurus but there’s a few more affordable options that are reliable too. All I’m saying is from what u get when u buy say a G3C, one simply cannot beat it for the price. I owned the Taurus of years ago & there’s a big difference in the Taurus of today. I’d like to see Sig, Glock, & etc make some models to compete with bargain guns.

  10. Ricky M.
    Ricky M. says:

    Sig makes quality handguns. Period. All these other comments saying they’re not are just jealous people commenting on quality guns that they just plain can’t afford. Truth hurts.
    Maybe you should just save up for the quality pistol instead of buying a bargain gun and then trashing everyone who’s not as cheap as you are?

  11. Christian Looper
    Christian Looper says:

    Sig aien’t what they used to be. Straight trash. No offense to you Sig Snobs out there. I had a P238 that was a jam-o-matic. My Taurus 709 is flawless.

  12. Brian N.
    Brian N. says:

    I would never buy a Taurus. Sorry. I don’t trust my life to Brazilian garbage. My Sig P365 is hands down the best concealed carry gun I’ve every owned. In fact, I have 2 of them. Definitely worth it.

  13. William Hurts
    William Hurts says:

    Whatever your thoughts are on Taurus, they aren’t the same company from the 1990’s. They are the best money I’ve spent on handguns. I’ll be picking up the G3C next.

  14. Johnny Boy
    Johnny Boy says:

    Nothing is worth twice the price of the G3C. I have one and it’s amazing. It’s worth $400 imho.

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