The Best Concealed Carry Guns of 2024


BEST CONCEALED CARRY GUNS FOR 2024   Why Are These the Best Concealed Carry Guns of 2024? Remember how we put together that big list of the ‘50 Best Concealed Carry Guns in 2023‘ last year? Well, after going through all your comments and emails, we’ve compiled an updated list of the Best Concealed Carry…

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Top 9mm Sub-Compact Guns for Concealed Carry

Top 9mm Sub-Compact Guns for Concealed Carry: A Comprehensive Guide In today’s uncertain world, personal safety has taken a paramount role in our lives. As individuals, we seek not only protection but also peace of mind. In this pursuit, concealed carry has emerged as a pivotal choice, offering a sense of security for countless people.…

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Smith & Wesson Equalizer vs Shield Plus

Smith & Wesson Equalizer on Wooden Crate

  Smith & Wesson Equalizer vs Shield Plus S&W Equalizer vs Shield Plus: Is the Equalizer Better for Concealed Carry? Yes, the S&W Equalizer is better for concealed carry. The S&W Shield Plus is good. However, the Equalizer is better. The S&W Shield Plus is an amazing pistol. It’s small & lightweight, but so is…

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Taurus GX4 Review (With Pictures)

Taurus GX4 Profile

Taurus GX4 Review Introduction Is the Taurus GX4 The Best Concealed Carry Gun For The Money? The Taurus GX4 is a very small gun and carries 11+1 rounds of 9mm. No Taurus GX4 review would be complete without talking about how Taurus positioned this pistol in the market. It competes directly against the very popular…

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Ruger Max-9 Review (With Video)

Ruger Max-9 Review

Ruger Max-9 Review   Is This Ruger’s Best Pistol Yet? Is this the best pistol Ruger has ever built? The answer to that question depends on your plans for this pistol. The Ruger Max-9 is not a target pistol. It’s not a duty pistol. Nor is it a trophy piece that you wipe down after…

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Glock 48 MOS Review (With Pictures)


Glock 48 MOS Review The Glock 48 was an excellent idea. The Glock 19 has been the standard-bearer for the Glock series pistols for decades now. While it’s the perfect height and length for many, the gun found itself to be a chubby little fella. The Glock 48 was the skinnier variant. The Glock 48…

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Glock 43X MOS Review (With Pictures)

G43X MOS in open hand

Glock 43x MOS Review The Glock 43X is the reverse stretch of Glock pistols. Glock took the wildly successful Glock 43 pistol and stretched the grip to accommodate a newer 10 round magazine. The Glock 43X became a very popular concealed carry pistol and opened up a new market for Glock slimline pistols. We will…

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Taurus G3C VS Sig P365: Is It Worthit?

Taurus G3C next to Sig P365

This video goes into detail about the differences of these two pistols. There’s even slow motion video to show recoil. Taurus G3C VS Sig P365   Neither of these great pistols will do you much good without an amazing holster to carry them in. Checkout our excellent Sig P365 Holsters & Taurus G3C Holsters and you’ll actually…

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Taurus G3c Review (With Pictures)

taurus g3c scene 3

Taurus G3c Review Can You Trust It For Concealed Carry? Today we’re looking at the new Taurus G3c and we’re going to answer some very important questions about this budget pistol. Is it reliable? What’s the level of quality? How well does it work for Concealed Carry? How does it compare to other handguns in…

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