Sig P365 XL vs Sig P365

A Comprehensive Analysis

Without a doubt, the SIG P365 has revolutionized the small gun. It’s an ultra-concealable pocket rocket that packs 10 rounds where most guns can only pack 6. It’s small size and high capacity made it a standout gun. I’ve been carrying one for years now and it’s been a constant companion. It’s small, easy to shoot, reliable, and it gives me options. Now a couple of years later, there’s a debate picking up steam. Looking at the P365 vs P365xl, which is better for concealed carry?

In early June 2019, a few retailers big in the industry started displaying SIG Sauer OEM 15 round magazines on their websites. Of course, they were out of stock, and lacking a picture. Just an entry, but rumors circulated that something big was coming.

Finally, the SIGP365XL smashed its way into the collective industry. Several retailers leaked the information and I reached out to my friends at SIG for an official announcement and they gladly passed me the spec sheet.

The SIG P365XL wasn’t out yet, so we compared it based on experiences with the P365 and similar weapons like the Glock 48. What’s interesting is that the G48 and G43X are both more or less a response to the capacity of the P365 mags .

However, they feature much longer grips. SIG seems to have wanted to show them up once more with the 365 XL.

P365 XL vs P365: Fit and Finish

Both the SIG P365 and P365 XL wear the famed Sig P365 Nitron finish. The Nitron finish is a rugged and dependable finish that does an excellent job of resisting corrosion and abrasions. The finish is strong and I can testify to that with lots of use for my personal P365.

It’s a matte black but has a greyish tint to it. It looks professional, and it’s applied with attention to detail.

There are no telltale signs of where the finish is applied or unevenness in its application. It’s smooth and looks great. SIG uses stainless steel as the metal under the Nitron finish so you have a second strong layer against corrosion resistance.

The black polymer frame is well constructed and there are plastic molding spots showing where the mold comes together.

The slide does wear a P365 designation and on the XL variant, you see an XL designation as well. The black polymer frame also has the SIG SAUER name descending vertically which I really like. Like the P320 series, the P365 uses an internal chassis that allows for you to remove the ‘firearm’ from the grip module.

This allows you to swap frames and even purchase custom frames with various finishes. This is a simple system that works and seems to work well. This could also potentially allow you to run a SIG P365 standard slide on an P365X frame and vice versa.

Sig P365 XL Specs vs Sig P365 Specs

Sig P365 XL VS Sig P365: Which is better for concealed carry?

Sig P365 Dimensions

This is the category that will solve the Sig P365 XL VS Sig P365 debate for most of you.

Specs are where we can spell out the real differences between the two guns. Obviously, the XL moniker means this is a slightly larger gun, but how much larger is the golden question. The P365 was already an ultra-concealable gun.

The standard P365 has a 3.1-inch barrel and an overall length of 5.8 inches. It’s a short and sweet gun. The sig p365 width is only 1 inch wide, and 4.3 inches tall with the standard 10 round magazine. It’s about a tenth of an inch long with the 12 round magazine. The gun weighs only 17.8 ounces as well. Overall, it’s pocket pistol sized and very small.

It’s very similar in size to the Springfield Hellcat and only very slightly larger than the Glock 43. By the way, we have excellent comparison reviews for those 2 handguns as well. Our Springfield Hellcat vs Sig P365 and Glock 43 vs Sig P365 comparisons are the best reviews you’ll find for those handguns.

Getting back to the story at hand though, the P365 XL goes with a longer 3.7-inch barrel and an overall length of 6.6 inches. The gun also weighs 20.07 ounces and the flush-fitting magazine is the P365 12 rounder. Additionally, there is an available 15 round magazine that will extend the height a bit more. This P365 extended magazine is a nice add-on for the gun. Speaking of the height, it’s 4.8 inches tall with the stock 12 round magazine.

These are very different guns, but they are both small for their class. The P365 is very tiny compared to guns like the Glock 26. The same goes for the P365 XL. The P365 XL’s nearest competitor is the Glock 19, with its 15 round P365 xl magazine . However, the P365 XL is shorter, lighter, and thinner than the Glock 19. In fact, it rivals their Glock 48 in size, while offering 2 to 5 more rounds.

Sig P365 XL vs Sig P365: Ergonomics

The SIG P365 is one of the most ergonomic small guns out there. The grip is just long enough to fill the hand and the undercut design of the trigger guard allows you to grip quite high on the gun. It’s designed to be easy to use and easy to handle. To me, it’s the ultimate compromise between concealed carry comfort and easy shooting.

The P365 XL takes those levels of awesome and moves them around. The P365 XL gives you an even longer grip that is easier to get even the biggest hands around.

The longer slide gives you a longer sight radius making it easier to shoot more precisely at longer ranges. It’s much more comfortable to shoot, but also a little harder to carry concealed.

The thin grip is one of the better on the market. It’s more round than squared and fits the hand incredibly well. Both guns are well suited for hands both large and small.

The P365 XL comes with a straight, flat-faced trigger that makes it easier to reach for people with small hands. The XL trigger pull is the same in terms of weight but will feel shorter and break when the straight trigger is at a 90-degree angle. This is a superb add on, and I’d love to see the standard P365 adopt it as well.

Outside of grip length and trigger, there isn’t much difference between the guns ergonomically.

The controls are the same between the standard models. The standard P365 does have a version that features a thumb safety, the XL model does not. The P365 and P365 XL are both ergonomic and well planned out weapons.

Sig P365 XL vs Sig P365: Features

The P365 debuted as a feature-filled gun. It came from the factory with a 10 round flush-fitting magazine, as well as a ten round with a pinky extension. At launch 12 round magazines were also available.

The gun comes with SIG XRAY3 night sights that are honestly an awesome touch. The gun was rated for +P ammunition, and of course, the option of a manual safety version is a preference for some. The manual safety also makes it legal in MA.

Both guns feature a reversible magazine release, and standard right side only slide locks.

Could the P365 XL make it even better? Yep, it sure can. We mentioned already the superior flat-faced trigger on the P365 XL. It gives you more trigger control and it has a shorter trigger reach. Outside of that, you are still getting the overtly awesome night sights as a stock option. You are also getting two 12 round magazines with optional 15 round mags coming out soon.

Beyond that you are getting the feature that sold me on the gun, a milled slide cut for a red dot. A red dot optic is an awesome addition to a carry gun. The P365 XL will feature a milled slide to accommodate the new Romeo Zero optic or the Shield RMSc Red Dot. A red dot on a handgun makes it easier to shoot faster, further, and more accurately. It takes some training to utilize correctly, but once you learn it it’s hard to go back to just irons. This feature alone could solve the Sig P365 XL VS Sig P365 debate for those of you that love red dot sights.

The Romeo Zero release will be released around the same time as the P365 XL. The slide plate contains your rear sight and positions the optic quite far rearward. The P365 XL will also have a slightly longer beavertail that grants you greater control over your weapon and makes it more comfortable to fire.

The grip also has an integrated carry magwell to make the gun quicker and more intuitive to reload.

If you have big hands like mine, the standard P365 can be tricky to reload. This integrated magwell allows you to reload without the risk of your hand pinning the magazine in place.

Sig P365 XL vs Sig P365: Shooting Characteristics

One of the most pleasant surprises about the P365 is how easy it was to handle. It didn’t slap and kick the hand, which is rare for a pocket-sized 9mm. The P365 is a great gun. It has some recoil and muzzle rise, but it is still plenty controllable. The P365’s small beavertail even prevents slide bit, another rarity for such a small gun.

In fact, we have a video of the P365 in action in our Sig P365 review and it performs very well.

The P365 XL isn’t in reviewer’s hands just yet, but from personal experience, the gun will be easier to shoot. The longer grip will offer more control over the weapon.

The beavertail will help you fight muzzle rise with no effort on your part. The longer barrel will give you a slightly longer sight radius, or if you rock a red dot that won’t matter. Either way, you’ll be able to easily reach out and hit your target a bit easier with the bigger gun.

As I mentioned offering more grip will make reloads easier, and that is perfect for a gun built around such a thin and capacity filled magazine.

Both guns are comfortable, but the P365 XL will be more comfortable. It will be easier to fire faster and with more control.

The X series trigger is also going to be lighter and present an overall smoother pull. The XL will be the more comfortable shooting firearm and its size and increased features are major advantages.

This all being said if you are happy with your P365 you don’t need to rush out and grab an XL. The standard P365 is a well thought out and well-designed gun for concealed carry. The design is rock solid, but making it a little bigger is going to make it more controllable. Clinger Holsters has definitely sold a ton of P365 Holsters.

Sig P365 XL vs Sig P365: Ease of Concealment

The P365 XL is without a doubt the harder weapon to conceal. There is no way a bigger gun is easier to conceal than a smaller gun. The longer barrel and grip requires you to try just a bit harder to conceal the weapon.

That all being said, it is a very compact weapon and as a compact weapon, it’s still easy to conceal. The gun itself is still compact by most standards and it’s also thin, especially for its size. To me, it seems to be perfect for strong side IWB or OWB carry. Many people carry guns this big, or even bigger, in appendix though.

The P365 standard model is quite a bit smaller. It’s just small enough to be concealable via pocket carry. Albeit if you are going to pocket carry it you’ll need to have larger pockets. Most ladies pockets won’t allow you to conceal a gun like the P365.

The P365 standard is my go-to for appendix carry. It’s small enough to be comfortable wherever I carry it. It’s comfortable when I’m seated and comfortable when I’m moving and grooving throughout my day.

Both the P365 and P365 XL are well suited for everyday carry. Smaller framed individuals will likely be more attracted to the P365 than the P365 XL. The P365 XL would likely be my choice because I’m a big guy with big hands. Either way, both guns are an excellent choice for concealed carry. They are thinner and easier to carry than a gun the size of the Taurus G3C. The Taurus G3C vs Sig P365 is a very interesting comparison though!

Clinger Holsters has plenty of Sig P365 XL holsters options available.

Final Thoughts

Both the SIG P365 and P365 XL are designed from the ground up to be easily concealed guns. The SIG P365 and P365 XL are not necessarily competitors, but guns that compliment each other.

The SIG magazine style is ultra-efficient and the P365 XL is an awesome way to take advantage of that mag design in a bigger gun. So there doesn’t have to be a Sig P365 XL VS Sig P365 debate. You can get both and be ready for any concealment needs that might pop up. Sig P365xl price is around $599.99 – $649.99 at the time of writing this review.

These guns can be carried with ease in either design, and are super lightweight, thin, and they both pack a punch. The P365 XL isolates you to the 12 round and 15 round magazines, and the standard P365 allows the use of 10, 12, and 15 round mags.

With either design, you can maximize your loadout ammo wise. The SIG P365 series stands heads above its competition and I’m curious to see how SIG will continue to push the platform.

Deciding between the Sig P365 XL vs Sig P365 may not be an easy decision. Choosing the most comfortable, best concealing holster is very easy though. Clinger Holsters has you covered.

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