Glock 17

Glock 17 vs Sig P320

A Detailed Comparison

Have you heard of the Glock 17 vs Sig P320 debate?

The current handgun market is really based around the polymer framed, striker-fired pistol, most often in 9mm. 

Why?  Because of the mighty Glock 17. 

The Glock 17 has been kickin’ around for over 30 years and is still one of the preeminent duty and defensive handguns. 

The SIG P320 is aiming to change the game by being the first truly modular handgun system. 

The P320 is trying to take what Glock did right and push into an easily customized and converted system. Both guns have undoubtedly changed the landscape of the modern duty pistol. 

The question ultimately comes down to, which is better? 

When SIG Sauer introduced the P320 jaws dropped. SIG made their name of their P22X series of guns. These famous pistols were all metal frames and hammer-fired. 

The P320 flipped all that on its head with a striker-fired, polymer-frame pistol. The P320 was based on the P250, a modular pistol system that was a hammer-fired DAO gun. The P320 was immediately successful, and the world quickly learned what a modular pistol could do.

Glock 17: The Legacy Begins

Glock 17 vs Sig P320 - Concealed Carry Comparison

The Glock 17 is the full-sized 9mm variant of the famous Glock pistol lines. The gun currently serves the FBI, and the Gen 4 variant is in service with the British Military. 

The Glock 17 gains its name from being the 17th patent from the Glock company. Prior to handguns, they produced a variety of military training tools. 

Gaston Glock gathered a variety of handgun experts to produce the Glock 17 to compete in Austrian handgun trials in 1982. 

The Glock 17 won. 

The Glock 17 beat out designs from HK, Beretta, and SIG Sauer. Glock came out of nowhere and their immediate success made the firearms industry take notice. 

Glock went on to be adopted by Swedish and then Norwegian forces, and eventually gained their own NATO stock number. 

In the United States, the Glock became a divisive gun. It was commonly called Tupperware, and combat plastic in a derogatory way. Some accusations even claimed the Glock would melt if you left in on your dash on a hot summer day. 

Side note, who leaves their gun on the dash of their car? These tall tales were ultimately untrue. 

Glock succeeded though, and their pistols quickly became the gun of choice for hundreds of state and local law enforcement entities as well as being the gun of choice by numerous Federal Agencies. 

The merits of the polymer frame, striker-fired gun were apparent. 

If you walked into SHOT Show and threw a stick… 

I’d place money on you hitting a striker-fired, polymer frame pistol and it’s all because of Glock. 

The Glock 17 is in its 5th Generation and there are numerous submodels available. This includes optic’s ready models and special edition guns designed by specific firearms instructors. 

While the Glock 17 was the first pistol that legitimized the striker-fired polymer pistol, they are most certainly not in a niche market anymore.

Almost every handgun manufacturer makes these types of pistols now.

Let’s look at one of the latest success stories: the Sig P320.

Sig P320: The Warrior’s Pistol

The P320 has a much shorter history because it’s a much newer gun. 

The P320 was introduced in 2014 but has quickly made a name for itself. A lot of new striker-fired polymer pistols premier and are labeled the ‘Glock-killer,’ but they never reach that same level of popularity. 

The P320 may be the only gun to have a serious chance of being an actual Glock killer. 

The P320 is a striker-fired, polymer frame gun that’s available in a variety of sizes and calibers. Glock and SIG designate their weapons in different ways. 

A P320 can be in 9mm, 40 S&W, and 357 SIG. 

Glock has guns in those calibers as well, but they get their own numerical designation. For this article, we are going to talk 9mm versus 9mm. 

The P320 most famously won the Army’s XM17 Modular Handgun competition in 2017. 

This made it the Army’s next service handgun and following the Army’s adoption the Navy, Marines, and Air Force all followed suit.  The P320 is a modular pistol and the portion that is serialized and considered the firearm is a small fire control group. 

This FCG is easily removed and allows the user to swap gun sizes, grip modules and more with ease. This includes the ability to swap calibers between 9mm, 40 S&W, and 357 SIG. 

Let’s dive into some facts no one can argue, and that’s the specs of both weapons.

Glock 17 vs Sig P320: Specs

These specs are taken from the respective gun manufacturer’s websites. 

Glock 17 vs Sig P320 - Concealed Carry Specs Comparison

As you can see these guns are very similar in both size and weight. 

The same goes for capacity, width, barrel length and more. 

This makes them hard to really contrast when they are so easy to compare. 

Both guns are outfitted with an accessory rail for adding lights and lasers. Both are essentially duty sized designs, and perfect for home defense and law enforcement. 

The Glock 17 and Sig P320 will even work for concealed carry if you’re willing to dress around these larger pistols.

While many CCW folks prefer carrying small to medium-sized pistols, others don’t want to give up the benefits of a duty sized pistol.

You can easily conceal these pistols… you just need the right Glock 17 holsters and Sig P320 Holsters. 

At Clinger, we have three options for both guns, and this allows you to try a variety of different carry methods. My favorite is the No print Wonder V3 in case anyone cares.

The SIG comes with two magazines from the factory, and it does come with SIG Lite Night sights. The Glock Gen 4 and Gen 5 models do come with three magazines versus the SIG P320’s two magazines, but standard sights. It’s an odd trade-off but should be noted. 

Glock 17 vs Sig P320: On the Range

In my experience, both guns are easy to shoot, feature low recoil, and are both very accurate.

My experience is limited to a Gen 4 Glock 17, and the new Gen 5 Glock’s do feature a higher-end Marksman’s barrel that may enhance accuracy. 

My P320 experience is limited to renting one at the range, but I’ve recently purchased an FCG and plan to build my own as a side project. The P320 does feature a slightly better trigger pull in my opinion. 

One of the best things about the Glock trigger is the audible and tactile click when the trigger resets. This is a feature many guns try to replicate, but rarely can. 

SIG comes close but still doesn’t beat that Glock reset.

The SIG’s slide lock is very SIG like, which means a bit of a pain for guys with big hands like me. Using a thumb forward grip my thumb often rides on top of the slide lock and this prevents the slide from locking back after the last round is fired. 

I don’t have this issue with the Glock. 

Both guns are incredibly reliable, and function with every type of ammo I’ve ever run through them. 

If you want an easy shooting, simple gun that just functions they both will get you there. 

There is certainly some subjective factors like grip angle, sight style, etc that you’ll need to evaluate for yourself. 

Glock 17 vs Sig P320: The Modularity Battle

One of the major factors in what makes a gun successful is its modularity. 

How can you tune it to make it a better gun for you? 

The SIG P320 immediately seems like the winner of this battle. You can easily swap frames, barrels, and slides to make completely different pistols. 

The SIG P320 was made to be modular, but the Glock 17 became modular along the way. 

Glock can be slow when it comes to adopting new technology and producing new designs. 

The truth is… 

They are victims of their own popularity. 

The aftermarket has made Glock firearms very modular. Different slide designs and even frame designs make the Glock 17 a very modular gun. 

You’ll have to jump through more hoops for sure, but you can make your Glock 17 into something that hardly resembles a Glock 17. 

SIG does have some aftermarket support, especially when it comes to triggers, sights, and other small parts. Their aftermarket is growing, but it’s nowhere near the popularity of the Glock aftermarket. 

SIG does have simplicity on its side when it comes to making adjustments and tuning the gun for you. 

Kitchen gunsmiths with Dremels and checkering kits can absolutely ruin a P320 frame and for 50 bucks you can just buy a new one. So I will say the SIG has 1 point more to modularity than the Glock 17. 

Glock 17 vs Sig P320: The Logistics War 

We talked about the Glock aftermarket when it comes to gun parts like frames, but the aftermarket doesn’t end there. 

Glock has a major edge in logistics when it comes to magazines, holsters, sights, and everything else. 

Down to the smallest parts, like magazine base plates, Glock simply has more. Off the top of my head, I can count a half dozen different companies who produce magazines for the gun. 

There are dozens of companies making sights for the gun. When it comes to holsters it’s the same thing. 

The Glock 17’s popularity makes it a very easy gun to find parts, accessories, and holsters for. Since there is so much competition out there the prices for these accessories is quite affordable. 

SIG is gaining a larger market share, but it’s still very small compared to Glock’s market dominance. Maybe over time, we’ll see this change, but it’s unlikely the P320 will ever top Glock. 

The most Sig can aim for is being tied with Glock in terms of aftermarket support and logistics. 

Why Should You Choose the SIG P320? 

You should choose the P320 if you want a slightly more refined gun. 

It’s also a good choice if you want a gun you can tinker with and change parts at will, and with ease. 

With the P320 being the Army’s new gun of choice it certainly appeals to the military collector. SIG has released a clone of the XM17 and 18 series for those buyers. 

The P320 allows you the ability to swap calibers with ease, so if this appeals to you it’s certainly the choice for you. 

If you live in a state famous for gun control the P320 may be the right choice for you. 

If it’s a hassle to buy a gun, buying a P320 will let you change between gun sizes for home defense, concealed carry, and even competition. 

Why Should You Choose the Glock 17?

You should choose a Glock 17 if you want a gun that is well proven for over 30 years. 

It’s a serviceable gun that will always have support. The Glock series of handguns have a lower overall cost of ownership over the years and you can find them anywhere. 

The SIG P320 may be the go-to for the big army, but the Glock series has been used by Special Ops troops for years. 

The Glock is an amazing go-to handgun and its a weapon with a rock-solid reputation. It’s easy to upgrade and can be upgraded in almost any way you can imagine.

Glock 17 vs Sig P320: At the End of the Day

Both Glock and SIG Sauer make outstanding weaponry. 

Both the SIG P320 and Glock 17 are excellent firearms. It’s also true that over time both the P320 and Glock 17 have hit hitches in their design. 

The Glock 17 Gen 4 release almost immediately needed a recall, and of course, the SIG P320 had a drop safe failure issue. 

These days both guns are problem-free and proven in the hands of law enforcement, the military and thousands of concealed carriers. If you are finding it hard to choose one over the other, do the American thing and buy both! 

Regardless of which model you choose between the Glock 17 vs Sig P320, Clinger Holsters has the best gun holsters. Don’t forget to carry a spare magazine, ( we have you covered with a spare mag pouch there as well!). 

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21 replies
  1. Rich Demanowski
    Rich Demanowski says:

    I’ve trusted my Glock 17 as my EDC sidearm for nearly 25 years. It’s an awesome piece of engineering.

    I recently built myself a full size (4.7 inch barrel) P320 in 9mm using the Wilson Combat grip frame module, the Sig FCU (of course), slide, barrel and Romeo 1 Pro from Sig, and a GreyGuns guide rod and spring.

    I absolutely LOVE the modularity of the 320 design. I was able to find a grip module that fit my hand perfectly.

    With the Glock (a Gen 3) I had to futz around with all kinds of stick-on and slip-on aftermarket grip modifiers to make it fit my (admittedly large) hands.

    That said, the ones I was able to try from Sig were all the “medium” diameter and, like the Glock, were a bit small for me.

    Which brings me to the logistics mentioned in the article … I was completely unable to find a “large” diameter grip module from Sig. Even their own website listed it as sold out. Same with the guide rod and spring sized for the 4.7 inch barrel and slide.

    I doubt I’ll ever give up my trusty Glock, but the P320 has become my new EDC.

    I’m also planning on eventually getting an X-Five for competition, and an XCarry as a backup.

  2. Jeremy Lowe
    Jeremy Lowe says:

    Sig is hands down the better of the two. I’ve actually been shot 3 times by the glock 17 and bought the gun that shot me 3 times. I bought the p320 and instantly fell in love! Much more accurate of the two, feels much better in my hands, and my opinion us the better design, and looks much better. There’s a reason Army adopted the sig, and the rest followed suit. It is the better gun. Sig is like Cadillac, and glock more like a Toyota. Lol No comparison

  3. Todd Greer
    Todd Greer says:

    I actually own both, have shot both for years. However, after 16 years in the military I will take one into combat all day, everyday and that is the Sig hands down!

  4. Skyviking
    Skyviking says:

    I have carried Glocks longer than many posters here are old, both by choice and as mandated by agency fiat. They flat work. So does the P320/M17. I recently bought an M17 Talo Edition (it’s because it’s black) and decided to try in my local Action Handgun Match. It ran like a champ, was easier to handle, pointed better, and my A-zone hits were as good or better than with my G34. I will likely change the sights for the Wilson Combat Vickers Battle Sights, but will run these for a few more matches. I liked it so much that i went out and ordered a P320 Compact to replace my G19…

  5. Bohica
    Bohica says:

    “A P320 can be in 9mm, 40 S&W, and 357 SIG.” They are also available in .45acp.

    I own a couple of Glocks (21 & 27 with additional barrel in 357 SIG) and, although I like them, I’ve never felt comfortable staking my life on them.

    I confess that I am a Sig fan, owning more than a dozen; 3 of those are P320s. I have never experienced a problem of any sort with any Sig. They are invariably dependable, accurate and I carry one every day.

    I’ll rely on my P320s to defend my loved ones and myself any day. As for the Glocks, it’s not that they are bad, I just don’t have the confidence in them that I do the Sigs.

  6. Shane
    Shane says:

    I own both guns and if I could only have one platform it would be Glock by far. I shoot Glocks better than Sigs and they are more accurate for me. To be fair I have been a Glock guy for 10 years and just recently bought a Sig. I do like the feel of a Glock better than a Sig too. I do like the modularity of Sig but I don’t need it when I can open the safe and choose a G17, G19, G26, and G43 depending on the day. I don’t have to take them apart either because they are there and ready to go. I may be lucky but after 1000’s of rounds over the years I have never had one hiccup out of any of my Glocks. I can’t say that about any other pistols I have owned. I wouldn’t knock anyone for choosing the Sig though because they are great guns too. My wife carry’s the P365 and loves it.

  7. Brian B
    Brian B says:

    I purchased my first Glock 17 (gen 1) in the 1980’s. That pistol reliably digested any 9mm ammo I fed it. Fast forward 30 plus years and I own Glocks (gen 3-5) and three Sig P320’s. Both are excellent platforms and I would trust my life to either one. In fact, I carry a Glock 17 (gen 5) as my duty handgun on a daily basis.
    If I had to choose only one platform, it would be the Sig. My primary reason for this would be the modularity to change from full size to subcompact in less than a minute.

  8. Jeremy
    Jeremy says:

    I may have turned 35 yesterday but I’ve been shooting guns since I was 7.
    I’ve owned numerous glocks and sigs over the years and love both brands.
    I Could be concidered a “Glock fanboy” because I have run so many but I run them mostly for three reason:
    1. They eat just about anything and run. We all have a friend like that. lol
    2. They can be upgraded to the end users preferences by said user and parts are plentiful.
    3. They are easy enough to be accurate with once you’ve spent time on the platform.
    Yes the thing isn’t perfect but with a reasonable price if you don’t buy a sig buy a Glock.
    Sigs have some of the best factory triggers on the market. They are smooth shooting and pretty as well. Yes some of sigs prices are … interesting but the quality of the product matches the price. I love both brands.
    If price is your obstacle then Glock is my poison of choice because everything for them isn’t overly priced and they just run. If however you can blow some coin then Sig is the one to get.
    It’s always good to have at least one Glock anyway.

    Sorry for the rant.

  9. Paul
    Paul says:

    I’ve shot both … I own the Sig. Actually two (a compact for the house, a sub-compact for carry) I just like everything about the Sig better … the grip, the trigger, the sights. The Sigs are really easy to work on and modify. Great shooters too. If you’re a kitchen table gunsmith or just like to tinker on your own guns go with the 320 … or two!

  10. Jay Weber
    Jay Weber says:

    I have a sig 320 compact with an RX sight. Will your holsters accommodate the suppressor height sights as well as the Romeo 1.

  11. Kurt
    Kurt says:

    I wouldn’t call the P320 the first modular pistol, that belongs to other companies at best and the P245 at worst. Also, the P320 has serious legal issues, perception issues, and is arguably unsafe given that the “upgrade” for the trigger was voluntary. I’ve owned Glocks and Sigs since the late 80s, and while SIG has been reliable, they have never been able to become as reliable or handy as a Glock. The bore axis is too high, the grip is awkward, and this goes for both their metal and polymer framed guns.

  12. Ted Meixelsberger
    Ted Meixelsberger says:

    Just like previous post, Glock takes it cause the feel in is like a compact carry (balanced) vs Sigs unbalanced weight distribution. Go Glock !

  13. Doug Sharp
    Doug Sharp says:

    About the same, six of one, etc.. Since I’m very familiar with Glock guts and know it has fairly loose fitting parts if it’s for combat I would have picked it. You can run it very, very dirty and it continues to go bang. No it not very refined but once you are over the grip and other quirks like the factory cheap sites it is highly reliable for self-defense or combat. Accurate enough to shoot inside 3 inches at 25 yards but it’s not a target shooter, for that I’ll take CZ iron any day, not plastics.

  14. Butch Stunger
    Butch Stunger says:

    I have the P320 X5 and have used in IDPA/3 Gun and have no issues. It’s sweet and fires with very little recoil. Yes, its a bit heavier than the standard P320 since it has a bull barrel, but I take Sig over Glock anytime. FYI, I do have a Glock 27 for years and is one of my favorite CCW.

  15. Evan Hill
    Evan Hill says:

    I want to like Glocks. I do. But that grip angle sucks. I can’t hit anything with it until I’ve been at the range for a half hour. The Glock 17 does seem like a nice pistol but I’d take the Sig anyday.

  16. John M
    John M says:

    What needs to be mentioned here is the triggers on these pistols.
    Glock’s stock trigger sucks.
    Sig’s stock trigger rocks.

    That is NO exaggeration. The Sig P320 is the best trigger you can get on a pistol straight out of the box. That spongy Glock trigger is a piece of crap.

    Sure, you can add aftermarket triggers to both pistols. But I don’t put aftermarket parts on my defensive pistol and I shouldn’t have to.

  17. Jerry
    Jerry says:

    Sigs are so much more accurate than Glocks it’s not even funny. I’ve never fired a Glock 17 but I have fired a Glock 19. My Sig P320 Compact ran circles around it. I’ve always found Sig pistols to be 2 levels above Glock in terms of quality and shootability.

  18. Rube19x
    Rube19x says:

    I Know the size looks almost identical on paper. But it’s just a different story when you hold them in your hand. The Glock feels much more compact. The bore axis is closer to the hand too. The Glock 17 just feels much easier to handle to me.

  19. YipperDo Don
    YipperDo Don says:

    I only carry Glocks. Period. They are accurate, reliable, and easy to use. I’ll never have to wonder if my pistol will work when I pull the trigger. My dad got me turned on to Glocks a few years back. He was always issued one as his service pistol. I resisted them a little at first.
    After giving Glock pistols a chance, I can’t use anything else.

  20. Front Liquor
    Front Liquor says:

    I’ll take the Sig P320 any day. Sig has a quality that even Glock is jealous of. Sig is at least as reliable but with higher quality control. I shoot my Sig much better than my brother’s Glock pistols

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