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Glock 17 Holsters

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Glock 17 Holsters

Good Glock 17 Holsters Make Concealment a Breeze

For Glock, the 17 is one of its most vetted, tested and tortured, and top selling models to law
enforcement and internationally. This model can stand up to extreme heat, rapid firing, rain,
dirt—you name it. It has a gigantic, standard, 17 round magazine capacity and a slightly longer
grip than the 19.

However, the Glock 17 is easy to conceal with a good kydex holster. It’s slim and extremely light weight for the size and ammo capacity.

Simple, Rugged Design

The Glock 17 is both minimalistic and tough. Model 17 is Glock’s standard duty model which
has been a Police favorite for years. The frame offers an aggressive texture for a secure grip
around the 1.18” width. And if the gun doesn’t exactly fit your mitts, the 4 th Gen can be modified
with two insert options: medium and large.

This model offers no extraneous machining, with no frill; just the things you need. However,
there are a few features that were incorporated into this minimal design, specifically for the 4 th
Gen: the loaded chamber indicator. It has been hidden on the extractor, flush with the slide when
empty, but angles out when loaded. The indicator is placed perfectly for a quick finger
check—simple, clean, and functional.


As far as the trigger goes, the 17’s 5.5lbs trigger pull paired with the 4 th Gen.’s dual recoil-spring
assembly creates a comfortable shoot. The dual spring assembly is meant to increase spring life
and to reduce felt recoil.

The trigger reset for the Glock 17 is close to the breaking point after ignition which can be
solidly felt. This allows for rapid, purposeful follow-up shots. G17’s 5.5lbs trigger pull is not the
Cadillac of triggers, but it balances safety with accuracy, with emphasis on safety.
Duty Weapon, But Appeal to Concealed Carry

Although the Glock 17 is favored by the Police force, with the right concealed carry holster, even
this full sized 9mm can disappear on your frame. Compared to the Glock 19, the 17 is the full
size version, but also
Although, the 17-round magazine capacity is worth the effort of finding the right holster. For the
G17’s full size a good IWB holster is the best bet.

Caliber: 9mm
Barrel: 4.4”
Overall: 7.7”
Weight: 22.04 oz. empty
Capacity: 17
Cost: $500

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