Mag Pouch

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Mag Pouch


Non-Slip Mag Pouch Protects Your Mags

Your magazine is the most common failure point in your handgun. An abused magazine can make a reliable handgun very unreliable.

The biggest reasons your mags fail:

  • Rust
  • Bent feed lips
  • Debris getting inside your spare magazines

Keeping your spare mag protected is easy. Keep it in a Mag Pouch by Clinger Holsters.

The Clinger Holsters Mag Pouch Keeps your magazine sitting in an upright position. This helps you draw your magazine faster for reloads.

Plus  the Gel-like cushion carry a spare mag a breeze.



  1. Vernon Christie

    I have the Comfort Cling holster also. This magazine holster is perfect to slide in my waistband or pocket. Complete coverage for my Shield magazine or PT709 Slim magazine. A perfect pair. See my review of the gun holster too.

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