Sig P320 XCOMPACT Review

Sig P320 XCOMPACT Review

The SIG P320 could have just been another Glock wannabe. It would have been a perfectly fine, and perfectly capable striker-fired pistol in full-sized, compact, and subcompact models. Chamber them in the big 3 self-defense calibers and call it a day. SIG didn’t do that with the Sig P320 XCOMPACT.

Instead, SIG tossed the full weight of their behemoth sized company behind the gun. They ran headfirst into their gun and have released tons of different models, different frames, magazines sizes, optic’s cut models, and more.

Sig P320 XCompact Concealed Carry Holster Front Slide Serrations

The SIG P320 went from your average striker-fired handgun to a massive selection of guns with options for everyone. One of the best in the P320 line is the XCOMPACT.

You know, for years the Glock 19 was considered the end all be all of the compact carry guns. It struck a chord with shooters because of its combination of size, shootability, and capacity. It appears SIG with their XCOMPACT wants to unseat the Glock 19 from the throne.

What’s the X Mean?

The X series of SIG guns is their elite series. The X series started with a longer barrel, tuned SIGs in the all-metal P series. With the P320 it’s begun to lean more towards combat handguns.

These guns share the same fire control unit as the average P320, but it features a wide variety of upgrades that refine the weapon and makes it more ergonomic, easier to shoot, and more comfortable overall. Think of the X Series as the premium versions of the P320 series.

The P320 has several guns in the X series line and the XCOMPACT is the second of the X series designed for concealed carry. The X-Carry was the first. The XCOMPACT is a bit shorter in both height and length. Overall as a premium grade gun, you are getting a wide variety of outstanding features.

Sig P320 XCompact Concealed Carry Holster Beveled Mag Well

Sig P320 XCOMPACT: Fit and Finish

The P320 XCOMPACT features SIG’s Nitron finish over a stainless-steel slide. The combination of the finish and stainless steel make this gun very rustproof in general. The Nitron coating itself is a matte black and applied lovingly. The Nitron finish looks incredibly slick and is applied evenly across the slide of the gun. 

What I like is that everything matches. The sights are the same shade as the gun, the gun has a slide cut and the top plate is also the same exact color as the rest of the gun. We aren’t playing 50 shades of black with this gun and it calms me, to say the least.

The XCOMPACT’s polymer frame is also a matte black with aggressive styling to it. The grip features the SIG logo and is classy and stylishly done. It all looks like it was planned out and executed flawlessly.

The parts fitment is also top-notch. I have an ergonomic complaint, but that will be for later. The way the parts move together is impressive. The magazine release glides in and out of the gun. The slide lock is loose and moves easily. The slide glides rearward like it’s on ball bearings and best of all it takes little effort to do.

Sig P320 XCompact Concealed Carry Holster Low Profile Slide Catch

Sig P320 XCOMPACT: Specs

The P320 XCOMPACT has very basic specs that honestly hide how awesome this gun is. The XCOMPACT has a grip that I describe as just right. It’s just long enough to comfortably fit both of my hands.

The overall height of the weapon is 5.3 inches total, and the grip conceals a 15-round magazine.

The gun is only available in 9mm, but the P320 series, in general, can be customized and converted to a variety of calibers. 9mm is the perfect round for compact guns in my opinion, and this makes the XCOMPACT easier to shoot and it utilizes ammo that’s affordable and common.

The P320 XCOMPACT has a 3.6-inch barrel and an overall length of 7 inches. What I can really appreciate about SIG is how far they push the sights rearward and forward.

Pushing them back this far allows you to utilize as much sight radius as humanly possible. The more sight radius you have the easier it is to shoot your gun accurately.

Sig P320 XCompact Concealed Carry Holster Rear Sight

The gun is surprisingly thin, not quite Victoria Secret thin, but close. Most single-stack guns are around 1 to 1.1 inches thick, but the X Compact is only 1.3 inches thick. This extra quarter-inch gives you double the capacity.

Weight wise the gun is 25.3 ounces, which is pretty standard for a gun this size. It does look heavier than it is, and it is a bit surprising when you pick it up. Overall the gun is still very compact and is designed for carrying.

Sig P320 XCOMPACT: Ergonomics

Oh my, I have a lot to say and almost all of it is good. I have one complaint and it seems universal between me and SIG pistols. The slide lock is placed so far back my thumbs sit on it and this prevents the slide from locking to the rear after firing the last round.

Sig P320 XCompact Concealed Carry Holster Side View

This is universal with all the SIGs I own, have owned and have handled. From the P365 to a West German P220, no matter what I do, I press down that lockdown and it never works as designed. That’s the downside to the ergonomics of the gun (for me).

The upsides are many. First, the grip fits my hand like a glove. It’s mostly smooth with a small wave for the middle finger. The undercut under the trigger guard is nice and high and this allows that excellent high grip. At the top of that grip is a beavertail which allows for a high grip free from slide bite.

The beavertail allows shooters to maximize control over the gun. This helps fight muzzle flip and make firing the gun more comfortable, especially when round counts start to get a little higher. This entire grip combo is called the X Series grip and is unique to this weapon.

Moving forward we have the Flat X Series trigger. Flat triggers offer a few advantages. First, it reduces the reach from the grip to trigger which accommodates shooters with smaller hands.

The flat trigger, at least to me, has always given me more trigger control.

This model also breaks once the trigger is perfectly 90 degrees and is very predictable. The flat trigger design is also incredibly comfortable when it comes to shooting high volume. Nothing rubs or irritates after a few thousand rounds.

Sig P320 XCompact Concealed Carry Holster Flat Trigger

The SIG X Compact offers front and rear slide serrations. They are curved rearward just slightly and are quite sharp and aggressive. They are very easy to grab and dig in well to your hands. This is especially true when it comes to wearing gloves or having wet hands. They aren’t comfortable, but when it comes to serrations they shouldn’t be comfortable. They should be easy to grip.

Sig P320 XCOMPACT: Features

The X Compact comes with the aforementioned XCOMPACT grip module. It’s fantastic in terms of that. The slide is also a special X Series slide which is outfitted with a slide cut.

This allows you to mount a SIG Romeo1 optic. Red dots on handguns are becoming a big deal and it’s easy to see why. They allow you to shoot further and faster with more precision overall.

The Romeo1 isn’t currently offered as a package deal, but SIG has done RX models in the past and I wouldn’t be surprised to see a future package deal.

Sig P320 XCompact Concealed Carry Holster Cutout

The Sig P320 XCOMPACT slide also comes with the X-RAY3 day and night sights. These sights are fantastic. They are by far some of my favorites. Let’s break them down. First, the front sight features a green ring wrapped around the tritium bulb. This green ring is bright and easy to see, and you can pick up the front sight very fast.

The rear and front sight all feature tritium bulbs that glow brightly as the sun sets or the lighting gets low. These glowing sights allow you to pick up front sight quickly as well.

This combination day and night sight makes it easy to confidently shoot regardless of your situation.

Additionally, the X Compact has a true Picatinny rail and you can add a light or laser system.

As a P320 it features a removable chassis called a fire control unit. This is what’s considered the actual firearm and you can move the FCU from gun to gun. You can also customize the P320 quite easily due to the FCU. 

You can also use the 17 and 21 round magazines available for the P320 full-size standard and full-size X series in the compact model at the sacrifice of size.

Sig P320 XCompact Concealed Carry Holster Under Cut Trigger Guard

Sig P320 XCOMPACT: Shooting Characteristics

Shooting this gun is a real joy. The trigger is brilliant and provides a very smooth and consistent pull. The reset is odd, not bad, but odd. It’s nice and short as it should be, but it also has a thump, a very big thump, that lets you know its reset.

Of course, this is a post-P320-drop-firing-fiasco and it features the trigger upgrade system. I’m not sure if this affects the reset, but you know for sure that the trigger is reset.

The recoil is very mild and comfortable, and the beavertail makes a big difference in controlling the gun. Especially when it comes to rapid-fire. Get a nice high grip and that beavertail will help keep the muzzle down.

As I mentioned before the grip is the perfect size for two-hand shooting, even for me and my 2XL sized hands. I love how comfortable this gun is and my hand wraps around it just perfectly.

I will say the gun feels like it’s perfect for more petite shooters. It’s relatively thin, the trigger reach is short, and the slide is easy to rack rearward. This makes it a winning combination for smaller shooters.

The front sight is easy to pick up, even from the draw. It’s bright green and very quick to pick up and get on target. As a gun made for concealed carry, it’s made for close-range shooting so the speed is of the essence.

Sig P320 XCompact Concealed Carry Holster Front Sight

It’s suited for close-range shooting but excels at long range. At 50 yards even, an amateur shooter will be able to put some lead on a man-sized target without much difficulty. The bright and clear sights combined with the excellent trigger and grip make accurate shooting very possible.

The XCOMPACT isn’t just easy to shoot, it’s fun to shoot. It feels good and makes you feel good because it’s such an easy gun to shoot.

Sig P320 XCOMPACT: Concealment

It’s a small gun that’s kind of big. In a world of pocket pistols, this gun seems huge but with the proper Sig P320 XCOMPACT holsters, it’s plenty easy to conceal. It’s also comfortable to carry. I would suggest a holster with a sweat guard because those serrations may rub the wrong way without it.

Sig P320 XCompact Concealed Carry Holster Kydex and Durable Concealment

At 1.3 inches wide, it’s not too tough to accommodate most shooters. It won’t be carried in the pocket, but it can be comfortable for IWB or Appendix carry.

Specifically, a smaller shooter could easily pair appendix carry and the XCOMPACT. You could even add a Romeo1 Pro and keep the package relatively small.

The XCOMPACT is a great carry gun and is well suited for daily carry. It takes a good holster and belt combo, but it can be done and can be incredibly comfortable.

The Sig P320 XCOMPACT is a rock-solid concealed carry gun and combines the features of a duty gun and concealed gun to make an excellent combination. 

Final Thoughts

The SIG XCOMPACT is an awesome gun for concealed carry and gives shooters an amazing carry gun. It’s a premium gun that is priced to be damn affordable. It offers options most of us would turn to the aftermarket to get.

The Sig P320 XCOMPACT is for the very pickiest of shooters or those who don’t want to bother with upgrades. If you want premium right out of the box, then the Sig P320 XCOMPACT has you covered. Not convinced? Check out our detailed analysis of the 50 best concealed carry guns on the market today to find your perfect concealed carry gun.

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0/5 (0 Reviews)
7 replies
  1. Eric
    Eric says:

    Improve your P320 Subcompact:
    For those that would like just a little more purchase on the P320 Subcompact grip, purchase an xcompact grip and a couple of 15 round magazines, or at least one 15 round for daily carry, and one 17 round for backup. Install the xcompact grip on the Sub and it makes the ideal EDC gun. If your fortunate to have a couple of 17 round mags, they make great backup mags if you ever need to employ them.

  2. Charley
    Charley says:

    Excellent review. I agree with all of your comments except for the position of the slide stop. My thumb sits well below it and it has never been a problem for me on any of the Sig Sauer handguns. I have medium size hands and that might be the reason. Overall, I think Sig hit it out of the park with this new edition to the X Series line.

  3. B. MARTIN
    B. MARTIN says:

    Great review, thanks for the information. I have been researching this model for a short time and appreciate your input. Your review has been on point with the rest I have seen but slightly more informative (sight radius and beveled mag well).

  4. H. Rillard
    H. Rillard says:

    I can’t wait until I can afford this one. It’s what I’ve been waiting for.
    I put my P320 compact mag in my P320 Subcompact pistol years ago. It’s the perfect carry setup. In fact, I may sell my P320 Compact and Sub in order to buy this one now.

  5. GiGi
    GiGi says:

    I’ll stick with my P320 Compact. I’m not sold on the “upgrades”. I’ve never had any problems with the very excellent trigger on my pistol. I don’t carry red dots either.
    I certainly don’t see an extra $200 worth of features.
    It looks nice but not that nice.

  6. Jason Smith
    Jason Smith says:

    Well written article. Great pictures too! The pic of you holding the pistol and looking down the sights has convinced me to buy it. I was wondering if it would be too wide. I don’t think so now that I’ve seen it in the hand.
    I’m excited about the upgrades that Sig has put into this pistol.

  7. Willy Jones
    Willy Jones says:

    This is my first pistol from the P320 series. I prefer Glocks for my ccw needs for the most part. Sig nailed this one though.
    I can definitely see the hype. For some reason, my Glock 19 feels smaller in my hand though. I think it’s because the Sig slide is higher than I’m used to.
    That being said though, the Sig is a sweet shooter and is plenty small and light enough for concealed carry. It feels great in my hand and shoots like a dream.
    If it proves reliable, I’ll probably move my Glock 19 to the back of my safe.

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