Best Gun Malfunction Practice Drills

Going to the range or running a tactical course is one thing (that we all don’t get enough of), but another thing we all could use is incorporating gun malfunction practice. In the real world, if we have to draw our weapon in self-defense, you might encounter a malfunction. We prepare for the worst, so…

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When to Use Your CCW in Defense of Others

using your CCW when someone is trying to steal

First, let me remind you guys that I am not a lawyer and these are strictly my personal opinions based on my own morals, training, and interpretation of the law while using my own concealed carry holsters (CCW). This is not intended to be a legal opinion, nor legal advice for you and your CCW,…

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How Often Should You Change Your Carry Ammo?

How often do you change your carry ammo? Most people probably don’t change out their CCW loads enough. But one thing you should keep in mind is that primers and powder are susceptible to extreme heat, cold, and moisture. The ammo you keep in your gun safe in the box is hardly under the same…

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