Glock 17 Mag Pouch


Glock 17 mag pouch benefits

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Glock 17 Mag Pouch

A Glock 17 Mag Pouch is an easy way to up your concealed carry game. 

Anyone can carry a Glock 17 holster and feel secure with 17 rounds of 9mm on tap. However, you can always use a spare mag in your everyday carry load out.

Not only will a Glock 17 Mag Pouch make you feel even more secure, it can possibly save your life it a self-defense situation. You can’t foresee how many rounds of ammo you’ll need in a self-defense scenario. Nobody can predict that. You carry a Glock 17 to prepare for the worst. Are you really prepared for the worst if you don’t carry a spare magazine?

It’s never been easier than it is with Clinger Holsters’ Glock 17 Mag Pouch. Our mag pouch is very easy to use. Simply slide your magazine into the mag pouch and slide the whole rig into your pocket.

Now you’re more prepared by having 17 more rounds available for your Glock 17. Not only will you have more ammo but you’ll have an extra magazine. Your magazine is one of the most likely failure points on your G17. If one of the feed lips on one of your magazines gets bent, your pistol won’t feed properly. Although the pistol is theoretically performing 100% at that point, a malfunctioning magazine can bring it to a halt.

Therefore, having a spare mag and extra ammo in your daily load out is a great idea.

A spare mag from Clinger Holsters is very easy to add to your Glock 17 holsters. It’s small and affordable.

Our mag pouch is made from the finest materials.  

The outer layer is a non-slip material that grips the inside of your pocket. The inner layer is a low friction ballistic nylon that allows a smooth draw of your spare magazine. The middle layer is a gel-like foam that protects your spare mag to keep it in perfect condition in case it’s needed.

The mag pouch stays upright in your pocket rather than having your spare magazine flopping around in your pocket. Plus the gel-like foam makes carrying the spare mag extremely comfortable. The mag pouch also helps prevent holes from forming in your pants pockets.

We’re so confident you’ll love this mag pouch, we offer a Two week buy back guarantee.

This is truly the best Glock 17 Mag Pouch on the market.

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