Best Concealed Carry Handguns

The 50 Best Concealed Carry Guns in 2019

Why Are These The Best Concealed Carry Guns? These are the hottest selling pistols on the market. Tens of thousands of our customers have collectively chosen these pistols over all the other Concealed Carry handguns available on the market.…

Glock 43 VS Sig P365: The Tale Of Two Best Sellers

Glock 43 VS Sig P365 Sig’s Fat Mag VS Glock’s Single Stack  The Sig P365 and the Glock 43 are two of the most popular concealed carry pistols on the market. The Sig P365 is a new category of pistol that came out of left field. The…
Glock 17

Glock 17 VS Sig P320: Pistol Showdown

Glock 17 VS Sig P320 The current handgun market is really based around the polymer frame, striker fired pistol, most often in 9mm.  Why?  Because of the mighty Glock 17.  The Glock 17 has been kickin’ around for over 30 years and…
shield m2.0 vs pps m2

Walther PPS M2 VS Smith and Wesson Shield M2.0

PPS M2 VS Shield M2.0  Which Is Better For Concealed Carry? Smith and Wesson sold well over 1,000,000 M&P Shields. The latest version - S&W Shield M2.0 - is even better. It’s that darn good. Walther engineered one of the highest…