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Walther PPQ Q4 Tac

Walther has released their newest member to their PPQ platform: the Walther PPQ Q4 Tac. It’s all about the accessories. This pistol unboxes both optic and suppressor ready with interchangeable optic mounting plates. Hold onto your boots because Walther Arms has pulled out all the stops with the PPQ Q4 Tac. Not only does the Q4 have all the features of the Q5 Match, but the rest of Walther’s PPQ line. Find your perfect Walther PPQ Q4 Tac concealed carry holsters here!

Here is a brief of the Walther PPQ Q4 Tac’s jaw-dropping features: threaded barrel and guide rod springs for out-of-the-box suppressor capabilities; optic mounting plate fitted for most optics; ambidextrous slide release and switchable mag release for left-handed shooters.

From Top

Staring with the sights, the Q4 Tac has adjustable, rear LPA competition standard irons sights and a fiber optic front sight. The Optic mounting plate is interchangeable, but is fitted for most of the popular optic brands. The Q4 Tac comes with a 4.6-inch barrel threaded in 1/2×28 and one guide rod spring for shooting suppressed; Walther also includes another spring for non-suppressed shooting as well.

Moving down, the Q4 Tac has a 1913 picatinny accessory rail for mounting an optional flashlight or laser. Above the trigger the Q4 Tac has an ambidextrous slide release for easy thumb-access. Now, the trigger: Walther has kept their smooth trigger with a 5.6lbs pull. It travels 0.4 inches with a .1 inch reset for quick follow-up shots.

To Bottom

On the Q4 Tac, Walther has included a magazine release switch (with a nice texture) which can be switched around to work for the left-hand dominant shooters. For the grip, the Q4 has what Walther calls an “ergonomic” grip with a non-slip cross directional texture for better handling. It comes with two additional backstraps for grip customization. Finally, the Q4 comes with two 17 round magazines and one 15 round magazine.

Safeties & Finish

As far as safety goes, Walther has included 2 drop safeties on the PPQ Q4 Tac. For carrying, the Q4 Tac has a firing pin block while it’s in the holster.

Overall the Q4 is coated in Walther’s trademark matte, Tenifer coating on the slide and barrel which is corrosion resistant. Overall, this gun has got it all and then some! Add one of our Kydex concealed carry holsters for the finishing touch.

Caliber: 9mm
Barrel: 4.6”
Overall: 7.8”
Weight: 25 oz. empty
Capacity: 15; 17