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Baretta PX4 Storm 40 Full-Size

For years, Baretta has been providing durable, reliable, and efficient firearms. Their PX4 Storm series doesn’t hold anything back, and neither do our Beretta concealed carry holsters. The PX4 Storm comes in different calibers and sizes, but their .40 caliber full size is one of their most popular and fits great in our Beretta PX4 Storm concealed carry holsters.

From Top

The PX4 Storm 40, like all the other PX4 Storms, comes with an adjustable three-dot sight configuration which makes target acquisition simple under most conditions. This pistol also has a Picatinny accessory rail built into the durable polymer frame; compatible with a sizeable variety of tactical accessories.

The PX4 Storm 40 comes in both single-action and double-action—the single-action trigger pull is approximately 4.5lbs whereas the double-action trigger pull is about 8.5lbs. It also comes with a rotary action short recoil system—one of Baretta’s PX4 Storm stand-out features. In short, this system reduces recoil and greatly decreases the amount of muzzle jump.


The Baretta PX4 Storm 40 comes with an ambidextrous safety and an automatic firing pin block. The block gives added protection while in one of our PX4 Kydex holsters or not in use. The frame is ergonomic and designed to prevent snagging on clothing, which otherwise could create an unsafe unholstering situation. This pistol also features a decocking / safety lever.

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The PX4 Storm 40 ships with two magazines which holds 14 rounds plus one in the chamber (if you prefer to carry that way). An extended magazine is available from Beretta if you desire an extra 3 rounds and a slightly longer grip. The PX4 Storm series is also modular—with three backstraps to adjust to any shooter’s specific grip sizes and needs. This pistol also comes with a reversible magazine release with a gridded-texture to make it fast and easy to operate and reload. Find a great holster for Beretta PX4 Storm full-size here at Clinger Holsters.

Caliber: .40 S&W
Barrel: 4”
Overall: 7.55”
Weight:  27.7 oz. empty
Capacity: 14+1
Cost: $650.00 MSRP