Springfield XDE 4.5 Mag Pouch


Springfield XDE 4.5 Mag Pouch

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Springfield XDE 4.5 Mag Pouch

Carrying a Springfield XDE 4.5 Mag Pouch is the easiest way to up your concealed carry defense. The XDE 4.5 has a capacity of up to nine rounds of 9mm ammo. That’s plenty enough ammo for some self-defense situations but certainly not all.

Police and militaries around the world carry extra magazines with them for a very good reason. Experience has taught them that if something can go wrong in a gun fight, it likely will. 

Carrying an extra mag in Clinger Holsters Mag Pouch gives you an extra nine rounds in your daily load out. That’s nine more chances to stop a bad guy from wrecking your day. There’s no reason to worry about a Springfield XDE 4.5 Mag Pouch adding too much weight or bulk to your current load out either.

You’re right for wanting to keep your daily load out light. That ensures you’ll actually carry your pistol every day. Springfield XDE 4.5 holsters should not be the only piece of gear in your daily routine though. Clinger Holsters ensures our mag pouch is also small enough to not interfere with daily carry routine.

We use the best materials we could find in our mag pouch. You can rest assured that your Springfield XDE 4.5 magazine will be held in the highest quality gear available.

The outer layer of the mag pouch is made from a grippy high friction material that keeps the mag pouch from flinging around in your pocket. It will also keep the mag pouch in your pocket when you draw your magazine. The shape of the mag pouch also helps keep it in an upright position that makes it easy to find and draw out your spare magazine in a hurry.

The middle layer of this Springfield XDE 4.5 Mag Pouch is a luxurious gel-like foam that makes it extremely comfortable to carry a spare mag. The gel-like foam takes the sharp edge of your spare mag. 

We use a ballistic nylon on the inner layer that is not only extremely durable but also helps facilitate a smooth draw. Because it’s low friction, it allows you to easily draw your magazine out.

It’s ambidextrous so it works equally well in both pockets.

We make all our concealed carry gear right here in the USA. You’ll have a quality Springfield XDE 4.5 Mag Pouch made by skilled American workers. We’re so sure you’ll love it that we include a Two Week Buy Back Guarantee.

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