Springfield XDE 4.5 Comfort Cling Pocket Holster


Springfield XDE 4.5 pocket holster benefits

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Comfort Cling Springfield XDE 4.5 Pocket Holster

Springfield XDE 4.5 clipless holsters from Clinger Holsters can revolutionize your concealed carry routine. The Comfort Cling holster uses a very grippy outer layer to hold your pistol securely inside your waistband. 

Because the Comfort Cling doesn’t use belt clips to hold your pistol in your waistband, you have a lot more adjustability. You can freely adjust the ride height or cant angle with the Comfort Cling by simply moving the holster to the desired position and tightening down your belt.

This Springfield XDE 4.5 clipless holster is also ambidextrous. This allows you to put the holster on either side of your waist. It’s nice to have so many options when concealing your XDE 4.5 pistol.

Clinger Holsters uses the finest materials and craftsmanship possible to construct the perfect holster. We use three different materials in order to craft the perfect Springfield XDE 4.5 clipless holsters.

The outer layer is a very grippy material. It’s high friction allows it to not only keep your pistol locked safely in place, but also keeps the holster inside your waistband as you draw out your XDE 4.5 pistol.

The middle layer is the secret to making the most comfortable Springfield XDE 4.5 holsters on the market. The middle layer is a gel-like foam that has a luxurious feel to it. It makes your pistol feel like the sharp edges have been melted away.

The inner layer of the Comfort Cling holster is made of a very durable ballistic nylon. That ballistic nylon has a very low friction. It allows you to have a very smooth draw when you pull your Springfield from its holster.

All three layers of this amazing holster are held together by a very tough binding. More importantly though is the zig-zag stitch that completely pins down the binding. Because the binding is completely pinned down, your pistol’s rear sight is much less likely to snag on the binding. 

Most of the other clipless holsters on the market use a lazy straight stitch that creates a seam on the binding. That makes the binding very likely to catch you handgun’s rear sight.

We make all of our concealed carry products in the USA with skilled American workers. You won’t find a higher quality Springfield XDE 4.5 clipless holster than the Comfort Cling. We’re so sure you’ll absolutely love it that we include a Two Week Buy Back Guarantee with it.

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