Sig P365X IWB Holster


Sig P365X IWB Holster benefits

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These Sig P365X IWB Holsters Are Very Comfortable

Sig P365X IWB holsters from Clinger Holsters will blow your socks off. You just don’t see this kind of quality on other holsters.

Your Sig P365X is a masterpiece of engineering. Your holster should match its quality.

The great thing about this Sig P365X IWB holster is that it conceals better than any holster you’ve tried before. How does it accomplish this feat? It works by implementing our Hinge Tab technology.

A Flexible Sig P365X IWB Holster

The Hinge Tab flexes around your body while the Cling Tab pulls the other side of your pistol in close to your body.

Even though the P365X is a smaller than average pistol, it still needs a high-quality holster if you want it to conceal well.

Clinger Holsters are designed with two main functions: comfort and concealment.

You can opt for the Clinger Cushion with your holster if you want to increase the level of comfort to atmospheric levels.

When you attach the Clinger Cushion to this Sig P365X IWB holster, you’ll have the most comfortable concealment package on the planet.

You can also adjust the cant angle and the ride height to really customize the fit. Not everyone wears their pistol at the same cant and ride height so we make Sig P365X holsters that you can tailor to your preferences.

Clinger Holsters are made so tough and durable that we offer it with a Lifetime Warranty.

Plus, we’re so sure you’ll love it, it comes with our Two Week Buy Back Guarantee!

Another reason you’ll love this Sig P365X IWB holster is that it completely covers the trigger guard and even the mag release. Now that’s protection!

Almost every other holster maker will leave the magazine release exposed because it’s easier to make a holster that way. We want to give you the best though.

American Made Sig P365X IWB Holsters

All of our products are made right here in America. We’re based in Arkansas and use good ol’ fashioned American craftsmanship to construct every holster we ship.

We offer every holster in both right and left hand configurations too.

Also, don’t forget to add some OWB clips to your order. This IWB rig converts into an OWB rig by simply swapping out the belt clips!

Both versions are fully adjustable for cant angle and ride height.

You’ll appreciate the full sweat shield and Clinger Cushion on both versions to keep you comfortable all day while your concealing your Sig.

Pick up the best Sig P365X IWB holster on the market today.

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