SIG P365 XL OWB Hinge Holster

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Red Dot Compatible

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SIG P365 XL OWB Hinge Holster

Some Sig P365 XL OWB holsters are designed to be great at concealed carry. However, most are designed for duty use or the gun range. The secret to a great concealed carry Sig P365 XL OWB holster has been solved here at Clinger Holsters.

If you want to conceal your P365 XL, it needs to be pinned in close to your side. The OWB Hinge Holster accomplishes this goal easily. How does it do this so easily?

Clinger Holsters has designed the Hinge Tab system to pull the grip of your weapon in close. The most important part of your pistol to conceal is the grip. If the grip is printing through the back of your shirt, your pistol is much more likely to be noticed. All Sig P365 XL holsters should strive for the goal of getting the grip pulled in tight.

The Hinge Tab system is simple. One belt clip is attached to a stiff Cling Tab. The other belt clip is attached to the flexible Hinge Tab. The Hinge Tab flexes with your waistline while the stiff Cling Tab pulls the grip in close. This is the secret to great concealment.

One of the best features of the Sig P365 XL OWB holster from Clinger is the small footprint. This is paramount if you value comfort and concealment. In fact, our OWB holsters are so small that they easily convert into our flagship holster, the IWB Hinge Holster. This is perfect for those who like to carry their P365 XL both inside and outside the waistband.

The process to convert the holster from IWB to OWB is simple. Just remove the OWB belt clips and attach the IWB belt clips.

There are many more benefits to the OWB Hinge Holster. For instance, we include a full sweat shield on this rig. This is great for Concealed Carry. Because the goal is to pull your weapon in close to your body, it’s important to have a barrier separating the slide of your Sig and your body. The sweat from your body is corrosive to your pistols slide. Also, the pistol has sharp edges that you don’t want rubbing your side. That’s why we include a full sweat shield.

Not only that but there’s a sweat shield on both sides. This allows you to change the hand orientation of the OWB rig at will.

We’re so confident you’ll love this Sig P365 XL OWB holster, we give you a Two Week Buy Back Guarantee!

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