Ruger Security 9 Compact/Security 380 OWB Hinge Holster


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Ruger Security 9 Compact/Security 380 OWB Hinge Holster

Ruger Security 9 Compact/Security 380 OWB holster from Clinger Holsters is the perfect match for an amazing concealed carry pistol. You chose a small pistol to ensure concealed carry would be easy. Our OWB Hinge Holster makes concealed carry even easier.

If your pistol isn’t concealed, then concealed carry is frustrating. However, total concealment is easily achieved with our Ruger Security 9 Compact/Security 380 OWB holster. There is no reason to carry your pistol in an OWB holster that doesn’t easily conceal your handgun.

Our rare OWB design conceals as well as an IWB rig can. That is simply unheard of! We accomplish this feat with our Cling Tab system.

Our Cling Tab system works simple enough. Our Ruger Security 9 Compact/Security 380 holsters are built around a hinge design. The flexible elastic polymer “Hinge Tab” hinges around your waistline while the stiff kydex tab pulls the grip of your Security 9 Compact/Security 380 in close to your side.

Because this holster uses an incredibly small footprint, it works equally well as an IWB rig. There’s no way a huge holster can be used inside the waistband just because it can be used outside the waistband. However, our small footprint OWB holster works great Inside or Outside the Waistband. Not only that, but it is more comfortable because of how small it is. This Ruger Security 9 Compact/Security 380 OWB holster is much less likely to press into your body when you’re sitting at your desk or in your car.

The bottom line is that smaller holsters are more comfortable and they conceal better. That’s why you should shop at Clinger Holsters for your concealment gear. We design a small footprint into all the gear we build.

Another feature that makes it more comfortable to conceal your Security 9 Compact/Security 380 is the full sweat shield you’ll find on the OWB Hinge Holster. A full sweat shield is important to protect your skin from sharp metal corners on your pistol. Equally important though, it protects your pistol from corrosive sweat.

Another rare feature you’ll find here is the ambidextrous design. You can swap the hand orientation by moving the belt clips to the other side of the Kydex shell.

You’ll also find adjustable ride height and adjustable cant on this rig. This helps you to really dial in the way the rig wears on your body. This is important to find a cant and ride height that fits your body. It can help conceal you pistol better but also it can help you find the most comfortable spot on your waistline for concealed carry.

The Ruger Security 9 Compact OWB holsters from Clinger also come with a Lifetime Warranty.

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