Mag Pouch – Painless Concealed Carry

benefits of Glock 22 Mag Pouch

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Non-Slip Mag Pouch Protects Your Mags

Your magazine is the most common failure point in your concealed carry handgun. An abused magazine can make a once-reliable handgun unreliable very quickly.

The top 3 biggest reasons your mags fail:

    • Rust
    • Bent feed lips
    • Debris getting inside your spare magazines

Keeping your spare mag protected is easy. Keep it in a durable and dependable single pistol Mag Pouch by Clinger Holsters.

The Clinger Holsters pocket magazine holder keeps your magazine sitting in an upright position. This helps you draw your magazine faster for reloads.

Plus, this concealed pocket mag pouch has a Gel-like cushion that makes carrying a spare mag a breeze. Try our pocket mag holder today for your concealed carry!

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