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HK P30L Holster

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The HK P30L is one of HK’s newest designs specifically geared towards police and security use, combining function and safety. Its ergonomic features include a special grip frame with interchangeable back straps and lateral plates for a custom fit specific to each individual shooter. Our Kydex HK P30L concealed carry holsters are a great accessory for this gun.


The P30L has completely ambidextrous controls, including a dual slide release and magazine release levers. Variants with a conventional double-action/single action trigger have a serrated decocking lever located on the rear of the frame. Variants with the Law Enforcement Modification (LEM) trigger have no external decocking controls.

The LEM trigger systems combines the advantages of the cocked striker with a double-action hammer. This system combines easy use with ultimate safety for convenient trigger operation that reduces the chance of accidental discharge. If a malfunction occurs, HK recommends a second or third squeeze of the trigger without needing to work the slide to recock the pistol.

The HK P30L comes with a Picatinny rail molded into the frame to mount lights, or lasers, or any other favorite accessories. The extractor doubles as a loaded chamber indicator providing a tactile and visual loaded chamber reminder. The grip provides a natural grip angle, controlled, and safe follow-up shots. The sights create contrast points for fast and accurate target acquisition. The variants either have a bobbed hammer (LEM models) or a spurred hammer (DA/SA models) and automatic hammer and firing pin safeties.

This pistol is finished in a corrosion resistant “hostile environment” blue with a one-piece machined slide made from nitro-carburized steel. The frame is fiber-reinforced black polymer. Browse our HK Kydex concealed carry holsters above.

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Caliber: 9mm / .40 S&W
Barrel: 4.45”
Overall: 7.71”
Weight: 27.52 oz. empty
Capacity: 15+1 / 13+1
Cost: $719.00-$819.00 MSRP

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