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Introducing Honor Defense

Honor Defense is a brand new gun company. They’ve released their first pistol (the Honor Guard Subcompact) into the Concealed Carry arena. It’s a good niche to get started in. Their are millions of concealed carriers in America. Honor Guard Holsters are already available from Clinger Holsters as well. Be sure to browse our concealed carry Kydex holsters above.

The box that the Honor Guard ships in proudly displays the American Flag. Honor Defense proudly proclaims that the Honor Guard is assemble in America by veterans. It doesn’t get any more American than that.

Introducing the Honor Guard

The Honor Guard comes into a crowded field: the Single Stack 9mm field. Most major gun companies that produce handguns have thrown their hat into this ring. A few are really dominating it: e.g. Smith and Wesson’s M&P Shield & Glock’s G43. However, this field is crowded for a reason. Concealed Carriers want Single Stack Nines.

So what differentiates the Honor Guard from the rest of the herd. Surprisingly… a lot. Honor Guard seems to be the most well rounded Single Stack Nine on the market. At the same time, it seems to be the most customizable. That alone is enough to differentiate it. However when you throw in its huge feature list, it floats to the top. Considering its price tag isn’t twice as high as many of its competitors, it’s a bargain.

The Honor Guard seems to have implemented every great idea anyone has ever had for a carry pistol.

  • Easily Concealable yet Shootable
  • Removable Chassis System
  • Next Gen Stippling
  • Unique FIST grip frame
  • Tactically designed front and rear sights
  • Fully Ambidextrous
  • Convenient takedown lever
  • No trigger pull for takedown
  • Front & Rear unique slide serrations
  • Ensure Honor Guard Holsters are available

Upon opening the box and handling the pistol, it’s obvious that the Honor Guard is the opposite of a Saturday Night Special. It’s immediately apparent that it’s a high quality firearm. It has  a unique, beautiful design. The fit & finish seem top notch. It just looks great (especially in a good Honor Guard concealed carry Kydex holster).

It can’t help but be noticed that the overall shape of the pistol bears a remarkable resemblance to the S&W M&P Shield. Even the magazine looks similar. That’s not a bad thing. The Shield is the best selling Single Stack Nine on the market for many good reasons. One of them is it’s much touted ergonomics. They’re about unbeatable. Until now, that is. The Honor Defense seems to have every curve perfectly sculpted to fit your hand perfectly.

While initially staring down at the large amounts of unique stippling, it’s easy to overlook the gun’s overall beauty. At first, all you see is massive amounts of stippling. However, once you get used to the stippling’s appearance, the gun’s beautiful styling starts to peek through.

The removable chassis system is a huge advantage. It’s similar to the Sig P320 series pistols. You can basically pull the trigger assembly out of the grip of the weapon and place it into a different grip. You can then put a longer barreled slide on the chassis.

The removable chassis allows you to completely change the gun. You can go with a grip with or without a rail. You can even use their FIST grip. It allows the gun to fire even if the gun is pressed against an attacker. It protrudes past the slide enough to keep the slide in battery. Just get a couple different Honor Guard Holsters to fit the different configurations and you’re good to go.

The removable chassis is a big deal and more gun companies will probably move in this direction.


Almost everyone who fires this weapon, loves it. It’s about the size of the Glock 43 while weighing about as much as a Glock 19. That makes for a gun that’s fun to shoot but still easy to conceal.

The unique stippling makes shooting the gun easier. It really does. The Honor Guard has the most surface area of stippling that you’ll find on a production pistol. It’s everywhere. It does a fantastic job of grabbing your hand too. You’ll find yourself back on target faster after firing a round through the Honor Guard because of how easy it is to hold on to the gun.

If your concealed carry pistol is easy to shoot, you’re much more likely to get good with it. That’s the beauty of the Honor Guard. It’s great for Concealed Carry and great for the range. It’s at leastas accurate as the other Polymer Single Stack Nines like the Glock 43M&P Shield, and Ruger LC9.

The sights work very well for quick target acquisition. The large, orange front sight is easy to find. Plus, it lines up well with the rear sight’s u-shaped notch and white dots.

Shots were accurate from both the 3.2” and 3.8” barrels. It’s nice to have the option to swap out the 3.2” slide for the 3.8” slide on the small frame version. It gives you a little more power from the 9mm round while remaining easy to conceal. Options are always nice.

The Slide release is very low profile which works great for the purpose in which it was designed: Concealed Carry. The slide release is slightly difficult to press down to release the slide. However, most tactical instructors do teach the slingshot method for reloading. Therefore, Honor Defense made the right call by making the slide release as small as possible, giving the Honor Guard a slimmer profile.

Another factor making the Honor Guard easy to shoot well is the excellent trigger. It has a great striker-fired trigger. The trigger is very smooth, wide, and rounded nicely. Different shooters have measured the trigger pull between 6 lbs. and 7.5 lbs. The reset isn’t as short as it could be. However, the trigger reset does have an audible click and it’s quite easy to fire rapid shots accurately.


I don’t usually give up on using a pistol in my every day carry rotation just because it malfunctions once or twice in the first few hundred rounds. If however, it does malfunction in the first few hundred rounds, that gun really has to prove itself over the next 1000 rounds.

Now if a pistol’s first few hundred rounds shoot flawlessly (zero malfunctions), I trust my life with the gun in my every day carry rotation. The gun no longer has anything to prove. The Honor Guard has proven itself extremely reliable. In our tests, it was fired over several hundred times with ZERO malfunctions.


The ergonomics are one of the best differentiators of the Honor Guard from the other Single Stack Nines. This is evident in many areas from the overall shape and fell in the hand to the amazing stippling and many other small details.

Let’s look at the shape. It’s very similar to one of the best received Concealed Carry guns of all time: the S&W Shield. It fits the hand just as nicely as the Shield does too. It definitely will not fit into a holster made for the Shield. You’ll need specific Honor Guard Holsters to properly fit the gun, such as our concealed carry Kydex holsters above.

The stippling really adds to the way the gun feels in the hand though. It is slathered all over this gun. It goes up well past the grip and even over the trigger guard. It really feels good in the hand. Here’s the best part though: it doesn’t rub your skin raw when it’s holstered and pressed against your body. That’s a big deal.

It seems there are 3 types of stippling that you see from pistol manufacturers: raised dots such as on the Glock 19, sandpaper-like texture as displayed by the S&W M2.0 pistols, and the swirly marks like those on the PPQ. The Honor Guard’s stippling is different than all of those examples. it has the look and texture of a window screen. The effectiveness of the stippling all boils down to the results. The stippling works great! Here’s the kicker though. It doesn’t rub your skin raw. What a concept for a Concealed Carry gun!

I’ve taken sandpaper to the stippling on some of my Concealed Carry guns to make them more comfortable. I’ve covered stippling up with bicycle tire tubing to make the grip more comfortable on my skin. It’s nice to carry a gun with the stippling left in place that’s still comfortable to carry.

The Honor Guard is fully ambidextrous. This is a great tactical feature. There may be times when a right handed person may need to shoot their pistol weak-handed. It could happen. Having the controls on both sides of a self-defense pistol is tactically smart.

The serrations on the Honor Guard are on the front and rear of the slide. That’s useful for press-checks. More and more gun models are adding front serrations into their design. The Honor Guard is unique in the way its serrations are designed though. The serrations go across the top of the slide. That gives extra grip and also cuts down on sharp edges that would present themselves where the serrations normally end at the top of the slide.

Two backstraps come with the pistol to help dial in the fit to your hand size.

Two mag sizes helps you balance concealment with firepower. Do you want a place for your pinky to rest while also squeezing in an extra round? Or do you want a shorter grip that’s easier to conceal? Again, having the option to customize your carry gun to your daily needs is very nice.


The Honor Guard Pistol offers their subcompact model with or without a safety. Plus, here’s another great safety feature: no trigger pull is necessary to field strip the pistol


Again, it seems as if every good idea that’s ever been thought of for a pistol made it’s way to the Honor Guard (plus a few new ones).

The Honor Guard pistol balances concealment with shootability. That’s rare. How great is it that you can conceal the pistol that you have a ton of fun with at the range?

Now get a good Honor Guard Holster and start packing!

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