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Glock 20 Holsters do Exist!

You can conceal this beauty everyday with the right Glock 20 Kydex holster. We recommend the V2 No Print Wonder holster for guns this large.

What makes the Glock 20 pistol so amazing though?

This popular hunting pistol has had a long run and continues to satisfy all manners of shooters. It
is both a hunting pistol, but also, to no surprise, a popular duty weapon.
10mm Legend

A Legend is Born

This reliable 10mm model was developed by Glock in 1990 in response to the unfortunate failure
of the “Bren 10” designed by Dixon and Dornaus. The Bren 10’s production problems resulted in
a small unit output of 1,500.

Glock’s model 20 further inspired the company to design and
produce dependable semi-auto pistols, primarily for law enforcement and military. However,
they advertised the G20 as a “Perfect 10” for safe, reliable handgun hunting.

In comparison to other handgun hunting calibers, like the .357 Mag and .44 Mag revolvers, the
10mm bullet diameter finds itself at the medium range. The projectile velocity yields about
1,300fps with a commercially loaded 180-grain cartridge fired from the G20’s 4.6 inch barrel,
which is in line with a 180-grain .357 cartridge fired from a 4 inch revolver.

You Can Thank Glock for the 10mm Cartridge Hanging Around

Although the 10mm, as a caliber, hasn’t really caught on, Glock is one of the only company
keeping 10mm pistols in regular production, including both the G20 and the G29.

G17’s Big Brother

As far as the G20 goes, it’s mostly the G17’s big brother. The grips are wider and stockier to
accommodate the larger cartridge, and the gun itself weighs 5oz more than G17.

The magazine capacity, also because of the larger cartridge, is 15 (plus one in the chamber). Otherwise, the G20
has all the other features of the G17.

Both 4 th Generations of the 17 and 20 have dual-recoil springs. This really makes a difference in
the G20, which definitely needs all the help with recoil. Also, to help compensate for the 10mm
cartridge, 4 th gen is longer than most of the other duty-sized Glocks.

The G20 is built on a sturdy
polymer frame with a tough textured grip for a secure, comfortable hold.

Concealed Carry

Just like with all full size pistols, if you have the right Glock 20 concealed carry holsters, carrying the G20
could almost be like carrying the G19, or G43. Now, if you were going to be spending
considerable time in the outback or the Canadian wilderness, the G20 definitely should be your
go to concealed carry. For urban carry, you still could conceal the G20—probably with a good
Glock 20 IWB holster. Kydex Holsters work best for the task. The G20 undoubtedly can serve as a great concealed
option, whether the danger walks on two legs or four.

Clinger Holsters makes the best Glock 20 Holsters to be found if you’re in the market for one.

Barrel: 4.6”
Overall: 8.2”
Weight: 27.6 oz. empty
Capacity: 15
Cost: $600