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CZ 75 Compact

The CZ 75 Compact is just that—the compact version of the full-sized 75. This model’s slimmed-down design allows for better concealment without giving up any of CZ 75 line features.


The Compact model is about 3/4” shorter in the barrel and 1/2” shorter in height compared to the full-sized. The CZ 75 compact has a double / single action with a manual safety to provide two options for carry: cocked and locked for single action operation or manually decocked for a double action first shot. The compact also comes to with a safety stop on the hammer, and a firing pin block safety, as well.

The Compact retains the CZ 75 line’s steel frame which greatly absorbs recoil, and in comparison, to the full 75, only 2.4 ounces is lost. However, all 32.8 ounces doesn’t make concealment uncomfortable. The slimming of the frame is where the concealability lies in the CZ 75 Compact. The frame allows it “to disappear under regular clothing.”

This pistol has fixed sights and CZ’s famous cold hammer forged barrel. The compact also comes with a 14 round capacity magazine and CZ has available a low capacity, 10 round magazine. Out of all the double-stacks the CZ 75 Compact fits nearly every type of shooter—even those who have a preference for smaller gripped pistols.

Even with the double-stack, the Compact conceals well whether in a IWB holster, belly band, or maybe even in a pocket gun (depending on the size of your pockets). The 75 Compact maintains the best of all the full-size CZ 75, just aiming for better concealability. It’s reliable, durable, shoots like a dream according to its reviews, and in case you were wondering, come with a 5 year warranty.

Caliber: 9mm
Barrel: 3.75″
Overall: 7.24”
Weight: 32.8 oz. empty
Capacity: 14
Cost: $544 MSRP