The Perfect Canik TP9SA Holsters

For Concealed Carry

Canik TP9SA Holsters

V3 Stingray

V3 No Print Wonder

V3 Ultra-Conceal OWB

Comfort Cling

Mag Pouch

Based on the P99

The Canik TP9SA is a great gun at any price. Let alone the $350 it can usually be found at. It’s a P99 clone with a 4 inch barrel and a Single Action trigger.

It’s controversial decocker on top of the slide kills the trigger when pressed. It uncocks the pistol before you field strip it. The decocker negates the need to pull the trigger before field stripping. If you’re not sure if the gun’s cocked, look for the red dot on the back of the slide.

Great Ergonomics

The TP9SA possesses great ergonomics and fits the hand well. The decent stipling has plenty of grip. Also, it has different sized backstraps to customize the grip to your hand.

Great Features

It’s accessory rail fits most common lights and lasers.

In addition, disassembly is easy.  Pull down the disassembly levers while the gun is un-cocked to easily field strip the TP9SA.

It’s a Shooter!

Shooting the TP9SA is quite pleasant. You don’t expect it to shoot quite as nice as it does considering its price point. It has a very light trigger pull that makes for fun and easy shooting. It’s very soft shooting as well. In addition, it points very naturally which helps you find your target faster. And because it’s fairly accurate, you can put lots of holes in the center of the target.

It has a beveled magwell which aids fast reloads. Plus, the mags drop free which will also help you reload faster. Speaking of the magazines, they’re made by Mec-Gar. So you have absolutely nothing to worry about there. While some report that only 17 rounds fit into the magazines, they’re supposed to hold 18 rounds. And for you lefties out there, the mag drop can be reversed.

This is a good looking, fun shooting gun for a great price. It full sized dimensions allow great handling yet it can be concealed if you’re willing to dress around the gun.

Caliber: 9mm
Capacity: 18+1
Weight: 29 oz
Barrel Length: 4.5”
Cost: $350