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Beretta 92 Compact with Rail

The Beretta 92 Compact is also the M9A1, which is the result of an evolution of the Beretta M9 military pistol—made with the help and advice from law enforcement and military agencies across the globe. The M9A1 Compact with Rail has all the stopping power of its full-size brethren, but in a much more compact, lighter package. It is approximately one inch shorter all around and weighs almost three ounces lighter, which makes the 92 perfect for personal or home defense and concealed carry.


Since this pistol is more compact than its larger counterpart, that means the trigger reach is much shorter. This makes the pistol simple to shoot by all types of shooters, even those who have smaller hands. That means, even the double action pull is much easier to shoot by those individuals as well. The 92 Compact comes with a white three-dot sight system to provide ease of accurate shooting and an instinctive, natural point of aim for consistent, quick target acquisition.

This pistol has a Bruniton finish, which resists corrosion—both on the range and in the holster. It has a beveled magazine well for quick reloads that are both tactile and solid. It includes a combat trigger guard, which makes glove-clad hand shooting a breeze. Both the front and back straps have a tactical checkered pattern for a secure, consistent grip.

The 92 Compact comes standard with a Picatinny rail integrated into the aluminum alloy frame to mount your favorite tactical lights, lasers, or other accessories without any specific tools or gunsmithing needed. It has an ambidextrous safety which allows for multiple shooting styles, and to accommodate both right- and left-handed shooters.

When it comes to size and reliability, the Beretta 92 Compact (with rail) is perfect for concealed carry. Weighing in at a mere 31.6 ounces this pistol can ride comfortably all day.

Caliber: 9mm
Barrel: 4.25”
Overall: 7.75”
Weight: 31.6 oz. empty
Capacity: 13+1
Cost: $598.00 MSRP