Top 9mm Sub-Compact Guns for Concealed Carry

A Comprehensive Guide In today’s uncertain world, personal safety has taken a paramount role in our lives. As individuals, we seek not only protection but also peace of mind. In this pursuit, concealed carry has emerged as a pivotal choice, offering a sense of security for countless people. However, the effectiveness of this choice lies…

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Smith & Wesson Equalizer vs Shield Plus

Smith & Wesson Equalizer on Wooden Crate

S&W Equalizer vs Shield Plus: Is the Equalizer Better for Concealed Carry?                   Yes, the S&W Equalizer is better for concealed carry. The S&W Shield Plus is good. However, the Equalizer is better. The S&W Shield Plus is an amazing pistol. It’s small & lightweight, but so…

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Springfield Hellcat Vs Hellcat Pro

Springfield Hellcat vs Hellcat Pro

Hellcat vs Hellcat Pro: Which One Should You Buy? Exactly what makes the Hellcat Pro…”Pro”? It seems Springfield thinks a bigger Hellcat is more professional. Here’s a maxim with which most people agree: Bigger guns shoot better, smaller guns conceal better. So here’s the real question… How much better does the Hellcat Pro shoot? Also,…

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