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When Glock introduced their pistol in .380 Auto, the world was both shocked and awed. There had been searches for a small, lightweight pistol, perfect for pocket carry and Glock responded with the Glock 42—a slim, subcompact engineered as one of the smallest pistols Glock has ever made, and it fits perfectly in our Glock 42 holsters for concealed carry.


Reviewers claim that the G42 is a shrunken version of the G19, with all the features of a generation 4 features. The G42’s slim design comes in at just under an inch in width; just under six inches in overall length; and about four inches in height. This is just slightly larger than the average smart phone which makes it perfect for pocket carry or IWB carry in a Glock 42 concealment holster. Unloaded, the G42 is 13.76 ounces, and only four ounces heavier with 7 cartridges loaded into the single stack magazine.

The trigger pull for the G42 weighs in at 5.5lbs with a trigger travel under 0.5 inches and a short reset distance. It also comes with Glock’s typical controls—a safe action trigger, slide lock, magazine release, and takedown lever—and all in the familiar locations. The grip has the Gen4 texture, but slightly less gritty to avoid snagging or catching.

The great thing about the size of the grip on the G42 is that it allows the shooter to have better control of the weapon. The G42 fills the hand and has enough weight to noticeably reduce felt recoil with rave reviews. The sights on the G42 are excellent for its caliber which add to the accuracy of the pistol. Reviewers are crazy about how shooters with smaller hands can comfortably and accurately fire the G42 at a reasonable personal defense distance. A Glock 42 IWB Kydex holster is the perfect companion for this small pistol.

For concealed carry, and small hands, the G42 should be at the top of the list of considerations. Find your perfect Glock 42 Kydex holster above.

Caliber: .380 AUTO
Barrel: 3.25”
Overall: 5.94”
Weight: 13.76 oz. empty
Capacity: 6+1
Cost: $399.00-$579.00 MSRP