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Glock 30S

If you’re a Glock fan, you know all about the 30S. This .45 caliber. subcompact pistol combines the full capacity and stopping power count with a slimmer slide—about 1.27 inches in width. It is light and perfect for concealed carry in our Glock 30S concealed carry holsters, or a lighter option for Law Enforcement.


The Glock 30S has rear serrations for simple, quick manipulation of the slide and is build on the Glock Short frame. It comes with two 10-round magazines that extend beyond the grip and have a built-in grip extension. It has the standard 5.5 lbs trigger pull with a 0.49 inch trigger travel.

Like all Glocks, the 30S has an ergonomic grip, that matches this compact size. The “big-deal” about this gun is just that—it’s concealability and compact nature. Reviews rave about the smaller dimensions of this pistol. Overall, the G30S is 6.96 inches long, 4.80 inches in height, and 1.27 in width. This means that it’s just about the size of the average smart phone, which makes it perfect for pocket carry and means that it will all but disappear in a good Glock 30S IWB holster.

In the hand, reviewers say that the magazines are slightly longer than other Glock subcompacts, but that means that there’s just a little extra room for a full, secure grip.

Glock’s 30S is a little beefier than it’s 9mm and .357 counterparts, however, loaded with 10+1 rounds, the G30S is only about 8 ounces heavier, so it wont weigh you down too much and is likely the perfect addition to a concealed carrier’s compact options. Browse our Glock 30S Kydex holsters for concealed carry above!

Caliber: .45
Barrel: 3.77”
Overall: 4.80”
Weight: 22.95 oz. empty
Capacity: 10
Cost: $495.00 MSRP