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On its fourth generation, the Glock 23 combines compact dimensions for both open and concealed carry, with minimum weight, despite its substantial magazine capacity in .40 S&W. This pistol survived endurance tests and use by numerous law enforcement agencies and has repeatedly demonstrated its supreme durability and reliability no matter the conditions it was subjected to. With world-class features like Glock’s Safe Action system and hammerless design make the Glock 23 among the best pistols for personal defense and perfect for our Glock 23 concealed carry holsters.


As some reviewers refer to it, the Glock 23 has “true safety between the ears.” They are referring to Glock’s Safe Action system, which consists of first a double action only trigger with an approximate trigger pull of six pounds (which is technically not a portion of the three independent automatic safeties but worth mentioning as a feature of safety). The system consists of a trigger safety, a striker block, and a separate mechanism in the striker itself which is kept only partially cocked, until the trigger is pulled by the user. There is no other external safety. This Safe Action system was designed to prevent accidental discharge.

Compared to the G22, the Glock 23 is more compact (both are chambered in .40 S&W). Overall the Glock 23 is almost 5 inches tall, 7.36 inches long, and 1.18 inches wide. Weighing in at just over 21 ounces, this pistol is perfect for concealed carry in our Glock 23 Kydex holsters. Its unparalleled safety combined with its overall dimensions creates perfect harmony in all the “right” and desirable features of a concealed carry pistol. In the perfect Glock 23 IWB holster, or even an OWB holster for those who open carry, this pistol will ride all day in comfort.

Caliber: .40 S&W
Barrel: 4”
Overall: 7.35”
Weight: 21.16 oz. empty
Capacity: 13+1 / 14+1 / 15+1 / 16+1 / 22+1
Cost: $549.00 MSRP