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Taurus G2S Holsters

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Taurus G2S Holsters

The Amazing G2S Needs An Amazing Holster

The single stack 9mm market is absolutely overflowing with quality choices at a wide variety of prices.

The concealed carry market has evolved and grown significantly in the last ten years, and the market seems to operate in fads. First was the subcompact double stacks, and then the pocket 380s, and now we’ve seemed to settle on an in-between with single stack 9mms.

Most are the same, and striker fired guns with polymer frames that just run reliably. Taurus is bucking the chain just a bit with the G2S.  The Taurus G2S is a single stack 9mm, but it does offer a few features you don’t see on most single stack 9mms.

The Taurus G2S is the single stack variant of the popular Taurus G2C, which itself is a modernized adaption of the old PT 111 pistols.  Better yet it comes at a price that makes it affordable for those without a dedicated gun budget.

With all the money you’ll save on this firearm, you’ll have plenty left over to pick up a couple Taurus G2S Kydex holsters and plenty of ammo to break it in.


The Taurus G2S at its core is a simple gun designed for ease of carry as long as you have the right Taurus G2S concealed carry holsters.

As a single stack 9mm, it does offer the end user a 7 round magazine, plus an additional round in the chamber for a total of 8 rounds. The Taurus G2S is a thin gun and is only 1.1 inches at its widest point which will make concealment easy when paired with good holsters.

The Taurus G2S has a 3.25-inch barrel and an overall length of 6.25 inches. It weighs only 20.25 ounces fully loaded, making it a light and easy to carry gun.

The Taurus G2S does have a manual safety .

This is somewhat of a rarity on the single 9mm market, and for some, that’s a big bonus. The safety is placed well and located on the frame for quick and easy manipulation by the thumb.

This gun is very right hand friendly, and there is no option for ambidextrous controls. The Taurus G2S comes in both matte black and stainless steel slide options.

If you need a lefty Taurus G2S holster, look at our V3 Stingray holster. It’s ambidextrous and can accommodate left and right handed shooters alike.

Fit & Finish

The Taurus G2S has a very spartan look to it. It’s simple, but that’s not a bad thing.

As a gun made for concealed carry, once you buy a Taurus G2S holster it will likely sit there for the majority of the time anyway. A gun doesn’t need to win a beauty contest to be a good gun. Both the stainless steel model and matter black model look great.  The matte black finish is evenly applied and smooth over every portion of the metal gun. The stainless barrel is a nice touch that looks good with the black model.

The finish is tough and stands up to abuse well.  People buy single stacks to carry them close to the body and make them hard to find. Being close to the body often means being exposed to the sweat it gives off.

A concealed carry gun’s finish has to be tough.

Otherwise, it’ll be a rust bucket before you know it.

Also, make sure your Taurus G2S Kydex holsters have a full sweat shield to ensure they’re fully protected.

The moving parts are all smooth, and nothing rubs or grinds. The frame is well made, and the slide travels over it without any grit or issue. The lockup is nice and tight an the gun appears to be very well made.

The grip panels on the frame look nice and function even better than they look.


The Taurus G2S is a single stack gun, so the grip is thin.

Is it as thin as it could be? I doubt it, but this is a good thing.

A lot of super thin grips feel like you are holding a board.  The Taurus G2S features a rounded handle that’s a little more comfortable than the thinnest handle you can have.

The G2S also features two scallops on each side of the grip that works as a rest for both your trigger finger and thumb.  It’s a comfortable addition that may help shooter’s with smaller hands more comfortably reach the trigger.

The grip pads in the grip work very well.

They are comfortable and engage the hand when shooting the gun. It doesn’t shift or jump, and it avoids rubbing the hand raw.

The placement on the rear and front of the grip work very well and keeps it from bouncing and shifting in hand. The grip is also long enough to get a full hand on, which is more comfortable and makes it easier to shoot the gun.

The added manual safety is textured on both the top and bottom in a step style pattern. It sticks out just far enough to make it easy to engage with the thumb. It offers both tactile and audible feedback, so there is no mistake on whether it is on or off.

Just forward of the safety is the slide lock. It is easy to reach, but my man hands often hold it down when firing. This makes the last round hold open fail due to my thumb’s forward grip.

The magazine release is okay but placed in a manner that makes me break my firing grip to reach it. I have, and I don’t care for that.

The magazines are high quality and easily drop free.

They drop free as long as your pinky isn’t wrapped around it, that is.

With big hands like mine, you may be holding the magazine in place with the pinky without knowing it.  This is likely a problem most won’t have, but if you are like me and wear 2XL gloves, you may experience this.

The heavily serrated rear portion of the slide is easy to grip and rip. That’s great for loading the gun but even better for managing any potential malfunctions.

You can establish a rock solid grip on the gun’s slide and rip it rearward to clear a jam or a round that failed to fire.  This serration may cause discomfort when carrying concealed, but with a good holster like Clinger’s V3 Stingray this won’t be an issue, even when carried tight to the body.

While we’re discussing ergonomics here, look at Taurus G2S holsters that are adjustable for ride height, cant, and retention. You’ll find that they make concealment much easier if you have the right Taurus G2S concealed carry holsters.

Check out our V3 No Print Wonder holster to see what we mean.


The Taurus G2S has some features you don’t see on most single stack 9mms which probably explains why we sell so many holsters for it.

The first is the presence of a small Picatinny rail for stashing accessories on. A small light or laser can add some versatility to this gun.

The gun also has a very robust set of sights ,that again, you usually see on larger guns.

The rear sight is fully adjustable which is great for new shooters who are still working on bad habits but need to shoot straight in a defensive encounter.

The gun’s grip is thin but full-sized enough so you can get a full grip. The addition of the stylish and usable grip panels make the gun easy to hold on to.

The Taurus G2S has the unique trigger system that allows for a re-strike.

This is useful should the initial shot fail to ignite the round.

On top of that, the gun does have a manual safety for those uncomfortable with the trigger safety.

The Taurus G2S ends up being a well-designed gun for new shooters on a budget (the low price should allow G2S buyers to have plenty left over to buy holsters and ammo). The gun’s safety certainly lends itself to new shooters. The re-strike capability is well suited for those who may initially forget to run a failure drill when using their gun.

The adjustable rear sight is always great for those working shooting issues which may need to adjust their sights until they can refine their skills.  That’s a lot of features on a pistol that can be found for a couple hundred bucks.

The big question is how does it shoot?

Shooting Characteristics

Alright, we’ve finally made our way to the range portion of this review.

When it comes to range tests, I like using medium grade ammunition that’s common and easy to find. For this test its a mix of Federal brass and Winchester white box 115 grain 9mm. It’s relatively cheap ammo, but not as cheap as Russian steel stuff.

Single stack, compact 9mms are not the softest shooting guns, but 9mm, in general, is never painful.  The thin grip will give the force of a good high five with each shot, but it’s not painful. Muzzle rise is a little sharp, but the gun doesn’t get out of your hands.

Without a doubt, the full grip and presence of grip panels help keep the gun in your hand when firing.

Even rapid fire is quite comfortable with this little guy.

The Taurus G2S has nice full sized sights that I like a lot. They are easy to see and fast to get on target, even when drawn from the holster. Once it gets up and on target the sights are easy to see and that makes it rapid to hit targets with.

The Taurus G2S is quick and easy to get out of the holster too, obviously, this depends on what Taurus G2S holsters you are using.

From my Comfort Cling, I had no issues getting the gun from holster to target.

Accuracy wise the gun impressed me.

I moved the adjustable rear sight slightly to the left and bam was on target in half a heartbeat. The big sights make it easy to get that front sight focus and to put lead into paper.

One of my favorite targets is a small steel popper roughly 21 inches tall and 10 inches wide, and I was able to hit this target out to an impressive distance consistently.

Starting at ten yards, I fired in five round strings. If the majority of the rounds rang steel, I moved back five yards. I did this out to 30 yards, and at 30 yards I could place three rounds on target roughly 60% of the time.

30 yards on a small target with a small gun is more than accurate enough for self-defense purposes.

Reliability with the gun was an impressive 100%.

Even when I moved over to cheap Russian ammo the gun never had any issue cycling and firing the ammunition.

The Taurus G2C had some issues with ammo not feeding correctly in the magazine, but the simpler single stack G2S magazine worked perfectly.  The trigger is an odd semi- DA/SA design that does offer the shooter re-strike capability.

When racked the gun is partially cocked, and the trigger fully cocks, and then fires. Pretty standard for striker fired guns.

However, if the firing pin falls the gun converts to standard double action only design. This allows you to pull the trigger again and try to fire round one more time.  Overall the trigger is average and better than what you’d expect from such an affordable design. The Taurus G2S trigger is honestly better than it has a right to be at this price point.

The gun is fun to shoot and easy to handle. It’s nice and long grip helps with controlling muzzle rise and recoil. The sights are full sized and adjustable, so they make it easy to shoot straight with.

For such a small gun it’s surprisingly easy to shoot.

Ease of Concealment

I’m a simple man, and I like breakfast food and easily concealable guns.

All jokes aside the Taurus G2S is quite easy to conceal. It’s small, thin, and very lightweight. It’s not going to pull at your belt, and like any single stack 9mm, it’s easy to forget about.

What I prefer is a small gun and a simple holster like the Comfort Cling, which itself is a no clip IWB holster. T

he V3 Stingray is also a simple, small holster that is a near perfect Taurus G2S holster.

The thin design of this gun does make it very easy to conceal.

As of this writing, it’s getting cold across the county, but I live in Florida, so it’s just a mild summer right now. Small guns like this are much more comfortable when the heat is high, and clothing is light, so a weapon like this is a great go to.

Additionally, the gun comes with two magazines, and their thin nature makes them easy to carry concealed in addition to the gun.

Parting Shots

The Taurus G2S is a reliable and well-made gun. It’s surprisingly reliable and easy to shoot.

With its low price its an attractive budget gun that’s functional and reliable.  The G2S is thin and easy to carry as well. It’s perfect for beginners or experts who want a great gun for concealed carry.

With the right holster, it’s a great deep concealment gun that’s reliable and accurate and well suited for concealed carry and even home defense in a pinch.

When shopping for the best Taurus G2S holsters, look for Clinger Holsters if you want a great holster at a great price.