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Taurus G2C Holsters for Taurus’ Best Seller

This pistol is one of the hottest handguns on the market right now. With the right Taurus G2C Holsters you can easily conceal this pistol all day long.

Let’s look a little closer at why this Taurus is so popular right now. But first, let’s back up a few years.

A long time ago, well over a decade, I bought my first real handgun, a Taurus PT 111. 

The New Millenium Edition to be realistic. This little gun served me well for a long time, and I was surprised at how many miles I ringed out of such an affordable weapon. 

The Taurus PT111 – The Precursor to the PT111 G2 and the G2C.

I owned several other Taurus handguns, including one of my favorite guns ever – a Taurus 450, a snub nose 45 Colt. 

As I became older and more successful, I moved away from Taurus, but never looked down on them. As an instructor I see a number of Taurus guns pass through my class and have gotten some hands-on with the newer models, including the Taurus G2C 9mm. 

The G2C is the successor to my old PT 111 and boasts many modern features that make it an outstanding gun. Today we are going to take a peek at it, and we’ll see why the Taurus G2C ends up in so many holsters, preferably Clinger holsters. 


The Taurus G2C is an interesting little gun. It’s a subcompact, but a hair bigger than most. 

It is a traditional polymer frame, and striker fired pistol with a double action only trigger. 

“The magazine offers an excellent 12 round capacity.”

This puts it on the high side of capacity for a concealed carry gun. It has a 3.2-inch barrel and is in total 6.24 inches long. 

The gun is 1.25 inches wide at its fullest (including thumb safety) and weighs 21.15 ounces.  The pistol is actually thinner than the 1.25″ width suggests. It’s only that wide at the thumb safety. The rest of the Slide is barely over an inch thick.

Rest assured that the pistol is very concealable as long as you choose Taurus G2C holsters that are barely bigger than the pistol is.

It is nice and light and competes with guns like the Glock in weight, length, and height. What it offers beyond the Glock 26 is that extra two rounds of 9mm. 

Unlike most of these guns, it does provide a manual external safety that is positioned on the frame for easy access with the thumb. 

The rear sight is adjustable, and the front is fixed. Both the front and rear sights rock white dots for quick and easy access. 

You can get either a matte black slide or a stainless slide for a moderate price increase. 

It’s a lightweight, easy to carry and easy to conceal gun. To realize the full potential of a pistol that’s as concealable as the Taurus G2C, you’ll want the best concealment holster you can find. 

A small pistol like this needs a small holster. The best Taurus G2C holsters are barely bigger than the gun it holds.

The V3 No Print Wonder and V3 Stingray holsters have you covered here.

Fit & Finish

The Taurus G2C is a good looking gun (especially when you see it in a good looking Taurus G2C holster). 

Its finish is applied evenly and does provide consistent protection from corrosion. In my experience, the finish is tough and reluctant to scrape or scratch. 

The gun is outfitted with rear slide serrations for a comfortable grip and has a very interesting scallop near the front of the barrel. 

This large divot undoubtedly reduces weight and gives you an area to grab the gun to do a quick press check. 

It also looks nice and breaks up the dull appearance of your standard polymer frame striker fired pistol. As efficient, reliable, and easy to shoot as they are, the polymer frame striker fired gun is usually a boring one in terms of design. 

The frame went a different route when it comes to stippling. Instead of having a healthy dose of in the frame stippling for a better grip they use six panels planted in the grip. 

These panels are heavily textured and grip your entire hand. The panels are placed on the front and the back of the grip, as well as on the sides. They grip your hand well and look good too.

Again the design takes a break from the standard monotony of the striker fired polymer pistol. 


As a big guy with big hands, I hate guns that feel small. 

I get that small guns are easy to conceal, but they aren’t easy to shoot. 

“The Taurus G2C walks a fine line… ease of shooting vs ease of concealment.”

The use of a double stack magazine means the grip is nice and round and fits my big paws well. Its grip with the magazine in place is just long enough for me to avoid my pinky dangling off. 

“I despise a dangling pinky.”

The Taurus G2C has scallops in the grip as well with that accommodate both the thumb and trigger finger. These rests are comfortable and fit both fingers nicely. It does give a rock solid grip on the gun and helps you handle the small gun when firing rapidly. 

That manual safety is small, and it’s not in the way. If you didn’t want to use it, you don’t want to. The safety is little, but textured and not hard to push up, or pull down with your thumb. Its textured from top to bottom and easy to engage. Also, it gives you both a click you can hear and feel as you engage or disengage it. 

The slide lock is also textured heavily, and while small is naturally placed for the thumb to reach. A slight downside to this for me is that my thumb will occasionally hold the slide lock dock while firing. 

This means once the last round is fired the slide may not lock back due to where I am placing my thumb. Obviously though, not everyone’s thumb placement is the same and thumb placement can be corrected with training.

The magazine release is placed slightly lower than I’d like. I have to break my grip to reach it and drop the magazine. I want a much higher placement of the magazine release to transition back to shooting ease after reloading. 

“That texturing on the grip is fantastic.”

It grips the hand, and the recoil won’t wiggle the gun out of a proper firing position. Even with sweaty palms the weapon didn’t shift or become uncomfortable.  

Another aspect of ergonomics when concealing this pistol: the right holster. Make sure your Taurus G2C holsters are adjustable for things like cant. If you can’t adjust your holster to a comfortable position, you might not carry your pistol as much as you should.

The V3 No Print Wonder holster is adjustable for cant, ride height, and retention.


The Taurus G2C is chock full of useful and handy features. 

The first being the presence of a forward Picatinny rail. It’s a single-slot rail that accommodates small lights or laser systems. 

Its trigger sports a small safety (similar to Glock pistols) that ensures if the gun is dropped it can’t fire, even with the manual safety off. 

The full-size sights are the type you’d find on a full sized handgun and reap all the benefits of being easy to see and easy to use. Its rear adjustable sight is also very nice and well appreciated. 

The G2C comes with two magazines, which give 24 additional options for solving problems. 

We’ll talk more about the trigger later, but I will say it offers the ability to restrike a round that doesn’t fire immediately. 

The gun also comes with Taurus Lifetime warranty that transfers from owner to owner. 

Shooting Characteristics

Hitting the range is almost always the best part of writing a review. 

Unless the gun sucks, it the best part of my entire day. Here is where guns either run or fail. All the ergos and features mean nothing if the gun doesn’t go when the trigger is pressed. 

For simplicity’s sake, we used standard Winchester White Box, cheap and common ammo that every shooter is familiar with. It’s midgrade ammo that’s perfectly acceptable for training and practice. 

Small guns can often be a challenge to shoot accurately, but the Taurus G2C has a lot going for it when it comes to control and recoil mitigation. 

The full sized grip helps tremendously, and the wide rear portion of the grip helps distribute recoil. This little 9mm isn’t what I’d call snappy, and it’s quite comfortable with 115-grain loads. If you went to a +P load obviously, this would change. 

Its trigger is longer than most striker fired models. But…

“The trigger does offer second strike capability.” 

The trigger is almost DA/SA like. It’s light with a short pull until the striker fails to ignite the round. After that, it’s a longer heavier, true double action trigger. This is a feature, not a bug. 

It offers restrike capability. If you pull the trigger and the gun goes click you can pull the trigger again for restrike. This trigger is a unique feature for the Taurus G2C you don’t see in most modern guns. The pull is longer for this second shot, but not bad enough to make you inaccurate. 

The initial trigger pull is nice, a little longer than a standard striker fired gun and a little spongy. If you measured it against a high-end race gun, you’d be disappointed, but against a comparable pistol, it’s completely serviceable. 

The sights are very nice, and you could adjust the rear sight if you had to, but I didn’t have a need to do so. Its sights are simple and robust. The three dots are easy to see and easy for the eye to catch with relative speed. 

When drawing from my V3 No Print Wonder I had no issues getting the sights on target, followed by rounds on target in under 2 seconds from concealment. 

This gun ate all the Winchester White Box I could put through it without a hiccup. The gun didn’t like the super cheap steel cased ammo from Russia. More specifically the magazine didn’t like it. The roughs clung to the side and prevented the rounds and follower from fully rising. 

I would suggest sticking with brass ammo, and quality defensive ammo.”

With good ammo, the gun ate like it was a king. 

Ease of Concealment

With the right holster, anything can be concealed. 

The Taurus G2C is a small gun, that is thin and short relative to other double stack handguns. 

It’s barely bigger than most Single Stack Nine pistols. 

Concealing it is hardly an issue. It would work well with a variety of carrying methods including IWB, OWB, and appendix. 

For extra carry options, check out the V3 No Print Wonder can easily be converted to OWB or appendix carry with the addition of a few extra clips. 

The Taurus G2C is small enough for summer carry and big enough to deal with the gloves that are commonly worn for winter carry so it’s a year-round gun.

It works equally well in OWB Taurus G2C holsters or IWB Taurus G2C holsters.

The G2C doesn’t poke or prod the body, and the low weight keeps your jeans from falling. It comfortably sits in an IWB position and is easy to conceal and easy to draw with its nice sized grip. 

When it comes to concealed carry its a comfortable gun and its a gun you can forget you’re carrying with the right holster.

Parting Shots and Final Thoughts

The Taurus G2C is an excellent little gun. 

It’s affordable and simple but is also a reliable self-defense firearm. 

The Taurus G2C is a robust design that offers those on a tight budget a dual purpose gun. It’s small enough for concealed carry, but still a competent self-defense handgun. The addition of a rail allows you to add a flashlight for things that go bump in the night, and 12 rounds are enough firepower for most situations. 

The Taurus G2C has a good trigger and handles great at the range. It’s a reliable quality handgun that holds 12+1 rounds of 9mm.

What more can you ask of a self-defense pistol? Especially one that can be had for a couple hundred dollars.

On a side note, if you already own the Taurus PT111 G2, don’t go and sell your pistol and PT111 G2 holsters to upgrade to the G2C. There’s not enough difference between the two to justify it.

If you decide to pick up one of these very capable pistols, make sure you check out our Taurus G2C holsters. 

The V3 No Print Wonder and V3 Stingray holsters are excellent for Concealed Carry.