Sig P365 Release

Sig is releasing their latest Concealed Carry pistol. It aims to beat out the venerable Glock 43 and S&W Shield with its high quality brand recognition. It’s also bringing along it’s chassis system design features!

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This will work great for concealed carry when it’s paired with great Sig P365 holsters.

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  1. Dr. Rick Pimpinella
    Dr. Rick Pimpinella says:

    I ordered a P365 from Rinks Gun shop in Illinois on January 12th. No word yet as to when Rinks will receive it. Sig shouldn’t advertise the release of a gun they can’t deliver. By the way, I own other Sig’s, the 1911 STX, P938 SAS, and P238 Pearl.

    This is very disappointing.

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