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The Sig P365 Was Designed Specifically for Concealed Carry

Sig had a unique approach to reaching the perfect concealed carry gun with the P365: build the magazine first. Their strategy obviously worked. The new gun is incredibly small. It’ll conceal nice in well-designed Sig P365 holsters like the V2 Stingray.

Sig has created a double stack magazine that’s not much wider than a typical single stack magazine. The magazine then tapers at the top to about the same width as a typical single stack magazine.

Sig compared the width of the P365 mag to the Glock 43 mag. It should be noted that the Glock 43 mag is probably the widest single stack mag on the market. Glock uses plastic mags and they’re just plain bigger than steel mags like the XDs single stack mag. The P365 mag is definitely wider than the Glock 43 mag. However, it is also definitely wider than a Glock 19 mag.

The End Result of the Redesigned Mag Worked Out

The P365 is about the size of a Glock 43 or the XDs, yet holds 10+1 rounds. That’s impressive. Sig is already questioning the need for guns like the Glock 19 to be carried by law enforcement and security personnel. The Glock 19 holds 15+1, the P365 holds 12+1 with an extended mag. We have a new choice to make now.

Sig’s viewpoint is this: “No longer do we have to decide between a lighter, easier to carry gun that holds 7+1 vs. a bigger gun that holds 15+1. Now we can choose between a lighter, easier to carry gun that holds 13 rounds vs 16 rounds in a bigger heavier gun.” From Sig’s point of view, their “High Capacity Micro Compact” will carry easier in small Sig P365 Holsters than a Glock 19 in a similar holster while almost matching the Glock 19’s firepower.

I don’t think it’s as simple as that. On a gun range, the bigger, heavier gun will usually outperform a smaller lighter pistol. It’s not just about capacity when you’re considering a duty gun.

Sig Has a Beautiful Point

However, where concealed carry is concerned, Sig has a beautiful point. Do you carry 13 rounds in a gun that conceals fairly easily? Perhaps you’d rather spend a little more time and effort making your wardrobe accommodate the bigger, heavier gun with 16 rounds of 9mm. The vast majority of concealed carriers choose the smaller gun for the everyday carry loadout. Now the typical concealed carrier has the option of upping their ammo count from 7-9 rounds of 9mm to 11-13 rounds of 9mm without carrying a spare mag.

I think the most exciting part of this new mag design has yet to be unleashed though. Picture this: How would you like to see a gun the size of the P320 Carry hold 20+1 rounds of 9mm? If you don’t think Sig’s hasn’t already started this in their Engineering Department, think again. Here’s another exciting twist. Glock and Springfield Armory won’t take this lying down. Don’t you love competition? This development could spur on a whole new “Wonder Nine” race. Everyone will want to see a duty sized weapon that holds just 1 more round.

The Springfield Armory Xdm already holds 19+1 but that grip is loooong. It’d be nice to see that kind of firepower in a pistol you can conceal fairly easy.

This will most likely make demand for the Sig P320 Subcompact plummet.

Let’s Compare Dimensions

The P320 SC: 1.3 inches wide, 4.7 inches tall, 6.7 inches long, 3.6 inch barrel, and weighs in at 24.9 ounces.

The P365: 1 inch wide, 4.3 inches tall, 5.8 inches long, 3.1 inch barrel, and weighs in at 17.8 ounces.

The Glock 43: 1.02 inches wide, 4.25 inches tall, 6.06 inches long, 3.39 inch barrel, weighs 16.2 ounces.
The P365 really is about the size and weight of the Glock 43. Yet it only carries 2 rounds less than the P320 Subcompact. When you add in the extended mag, the P365 will have the same ammo capacity as the P320 Subcompact. At that point, it’ll probably be about as tall as the P320SC. It will, however be much thinner. Good Sig P365 Holsters will make this rig invisible.

All those who have fired the P365 agree that the striker-fired trigger is utterly amazing. It is about as crisp and clean as you could hope for in a striker-fired weapon. This gun should perform very well on the range.

The ergonomics are quite impressive as well. Sig has done a great job at integrating a stippling pattern that is aggressive enough to ensure a great grip yet not so aggressive that it irritates your skin when it’s worn in an Inside the Waistband Sig P365 holster.

Because the magazine tapers down to a much thinner profile at the top, the pistol is able to incorporate a thinner grip toward the top to allow a nice cutout for the thumb. This really aids in ergonomics. Without this thumb notch, it would feel like you were gripping a 2X4.

Proprietary Rail

Sig included a proprietary rail on this one. They promise to have light and laser that fits it later in 2018.

While some might complain that Sig uses a proprietary rail in this day and age rather than a standard picatinny rail, the rail works great on the P365. It doesn’t add any extra bulk or sharp edges that a picatinny rail might add. The rail is really just a couple of notches cutout of the frame. That’s very minimalist. It should work great overall. You’ll just have to pay the Sig tax and buy your accessories from Sig.

You’ll probably see a couple of options open up in the accessories department for the P365 later down the road. However, you’ll be buying your lights and lasers from Sig to start. Thankfully, you won’t have to settle for Subpar Sig P365 holsters though. Clinger Holsters have you covered.

Night Sights Come Standard!

Another cool feature on this gun are the SigLite night sights. The come standard! What a great feature to have right out of the box. These sights work great. Night sights are used much more often than lasers on concealed carry guns for a reason: they don’t make the pistol bulky and you don’t have to search the target for the dot. Night sights are the best tactical accessory you can add to your pistol. Sig added a nice touch by including these on the P365.

Sig has a couple more features that makes this shooter perform great at the range. The undercut on the trigger guard is quite large. This really helps to get a high grip on the firearm. As you know, the higher your grip is on the firearm, the less the perceived recoil is. Plus, the overall bore axis is quite low.

This new handgun from Sig is easy enough to field strip as well. It is equipped with a simple takedown lever similar to the one found on their P320 series. Here’s the best part: no trigger pull is necessary. Too bad all gun models don’t have this feature.

Get a Sweet Sig P365 Holster (a Clinger Holster, of Course).

All-in-all, this one will most definitely be a hot seller. Ensure you pick up a Clinger Holster to carry this sweet rig in and you’ll be ready for a great Concealed Carry experience.

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