SAR B6C Holster (3.8″)

  • cushioned holster for SAR B6P

    Clinger Cushion – SAR B6C Holster

  • package deal with cushion for SAR B6P

    SAR B6C – Concealment Holster Package Deal

  • SAR B6P OWB Holster

    SAR B6C – OWB Hinge Holster

  • IWB Hinge Holster for SAR B6P

    SAR B6C – IWB Hinge Holster

  • pocket holster for SAR B6P

    SAR B6C – Comfort Cling Clipless Holster

  • SAR B6PKydex holster

    SAR B6C – Kydex Gear Holster

  • Comfort Cling Combo for SAR B6P

    Comfort Cling Combo – SAR B6C Comfortable Holster

  • SAR B6P appendix holster

    SAR B6C – Low Ride Appendix Holster

  • Soft SAR B6Ppocket Mag Pouch

    SAR B6C- Mag Pouch


SAR B6C Concealed Carry Holster (3.8″)

Holster for SAR B6C

If you’re on a budget or looking to get the most use out of your money, the EAA SAR B6P 3.8 Inch is a great dependable choice! The pistol is an updated take on the CZ 75 that is also ergonomic and easy to shoot. Similarly, Clinger Holster’s affordable SAR B6C holster (3.8″) is adjustable and comfortable to use with any background and experience.

We use the best technologies to improve our cushion comfort and concealment. We want all our customers to not worry about having rough-to-the-touch holsters that are also revealed in their clothes.

What is cushion comfort? Our American-made holsters are manufactured with passion from strong Kydex materials but are upgraded with the best cushioned materials and inserts that are not bulky like our competitors’ designs. Our SAR B6P Compact holster is compatible with our magazine holster 

Clinger Holster’s SAR B6C concealed carry holster (3.8″) has excellent cushion concealment for maximum comfort. Our different Kydex rigs for your ergonomic EAA pistol are also easy-to-understand. We have a SAR B6C 9mm holster that is one of the best in the market.

All of Clinger Holsters are American-made in Arkansas and are developed from dependable Kydex materials. Our customizable designs approved by our thousands of customers give you the most efficient and safe way to carry your new EAA pistol with no trouble. This SAR Arms B6C holster is made just for you. 

Clinger’s SAR B6C Kydex holster (3.8″) is the perfect rig for novice and experienced firearm users – a jack of all trades! An EAA SAR B6C holster you can be proud of!

Our main options for our customers include Clinger’s SAR B6C OWB holster (3.8″), SAR B6C IWB holster (3.8″), and our Comfort Cling which all have adjustable retentions, which means you can also easily adjust our holsters for different ride heights and several cant angles depending on how you are feeling each day.

Also, our Cling Tab system for the EAA SAR B6C (3.8″) has increased endurance bringing the pistol’s grip side extremely close and concealed to your side.

Your firearm will never fall out of its holster because Clinger’s Comfort Cling also makes carrying your concealed firearm effortless and strong with its grippy exterior layer and cushioned insert.

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Our durable, comfortable, and concealable SAR B6C holster (3.8″) are American-made and are backed by our Two Week Buy Back Guarantee.

Even better, our rigs are also backed with our Clinger lifetime warranty. So, in the unlikely event that your SAR B6C holster (3.8″) breaks down, we’ll repair it or replace it free of charge.