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We already know there’s plenty of reason to carry a gun before you leave your home. You see those reasons on the news every night. Our society isn’t perfect. Predators walk among us.

For us dads out there, it’s our duty as a husband and father to protect our family. So of course we leave our home prepared for danger. But how prepared are you? To be prepared, we have our EDC (everyday carry) loadout. Our EDC loadout consists of all the items we carry with us throughout the day to be prepared for obstacles or danger. It’s how we prepare for our day.

What’s in Your EDC Loadout?

Do you carry a knife, tactical light, pen, or spare mag? Even pepper spray or a handcuff key could possibly come in handy in rare situations. But let’s be practical. We’re not going to carry dozens of items on our belt to prepare for every situation imaginable.

So what should we carry other than our gun(s)? For starters, you should always carry a knife. In fact, you should never leave your home without one. If your EDC loadout doesn’t have a handcuff key, who cares. However, if your EDC loadout doesn’t include a knife, you’re leaving your home unprepared.

Let’s Not Sugar Coat This

A real man carries a knife. There are too many situations where a knife comes in handy. I use my knife multiple times a day. I would be lost without it. There are SEVERAL non-tactical needs for a knife & a few tactical uses for it.

Let’s first look at the tactical uses:

  • Gun free zones often aren’t knife free zones.
  • If you’re struggling with a bad guy, often times a knife is a better weapon than a pistol. If you’re caught unawares in a violent encounter, it can be difficult to draw and use a weapon while grappling with a dirt-bag predator. A bad guy can grab your pistol and fight for it. Imagine that bad guy trying to take a knife out of your hand. It is ten times harder. Plus, believe it or not, knife wounds are often much deadlier than bullet wounds.
  • Guns can run out of ammo. That doesn’t happen with your knife.
  • Knives come in handy in many life & death situations. They can cut a seatbelt, rope, etc.

Now let’s look at the non-tactical uses:

  • Most likely the #1 use: opening boxes.
  • Opening almost anything bought in a plastic package at the store.
  • Loosening a knot in your kid’s shoestring
  • Opening envelopes
  • Sharpening pencils
  • Cleaning your fingernails

I performed all of the above non-tactical tasks just last week. Plus, there’s a constant list of things for which you’ll likely only use your knife once. Those MacGyver moments pop up almost every week.

Last week, I used my knife as a straight blade screwdriver to remove a light switch plate. Also last week, I used my knife to open my truck’s tailgate. For some reason my tailgate handle wouldn’t function properly. I used my knife to release the catch lever on the side of the tailgate. I was in the middle of a sod farm. If I didn’t get the tailgate down, I would have left empty-handed. After driving 30 mins to get there!

Knives Are Too Useful to Not Have at All Times

Plus, there are multiple ways to carry them. Surely you can fit one into your EDC loadout. I personally prefer to carry a small fixed blade on my belt. That frees up my pockets for a backup gun, large smartphone, wallet, & keys. However, folding knives are easier for many to carry. (Although they aren’t as fast to deploy, they’re a perfectly acceptable knife for an EDC loadout).

On occasion, someone who doesn’t carry a knife asks if I have mine on me. I always answer with the same reply: “I’m a man aren’t I?”. If that person had one, they wouldn’t have to resort to borrowing a knife from someone else.

So in Conclusion

Be a man. Carry a knife.

What’s your preferred way to carry a knife?

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