Yesterday was the first time I’ve reached for my gun while grocery shopping. The scariest part: my wife and four kids were with me.

The truth is we never know when a violent or unstable person will cross our path. It sure is comforting in these moments to know you can protect your family if you have to.

On an otherwise beautiful Sunday afternoon, I was walking with my family through the parking lot to do a little grocery shopping. The mood quickly changed when a rage-filled man starting screaming at the top of his lungs.

Trouble Crosses Our Path

I scanned quickly and found the screaming coming from a crazy looking man pacing through the lot. He appeared to be looking directly at us! However, I’m not sure who he was looking at because 2 seconds later he was screaming over his other shoulder at what had to be an imaginary person.

He seemed mad enough to kill someone. Then he started walking right toward us. I quickly pushed my family toward the door at a fast pace.

My wife had the good sense to tell an elderly lady that we passed that she should get back into her car. I seemed to have tunnel vision about getting the kids inside.

The Lunatic Was Irrational

Thankfully the crazy man decided to yell at some other imaginary person in a different direction and walked away from our path.

The danger finally seemed over as he kept walking away. Thirty seconds seemed like eternity.

From the moment the whole scenario started, my hand was on my pocket pistol. I usually carry 2 pistols most days.

Through muscle memory, I can get to the pistol on my hip pretty fast. Being able to get to your pistol fast is important if a situation presents itself very fast.

However, because I heard the yelling from a distance, I reached for my pocket pistol instead. This enabled me to put a hand on my gun before I even knew where the threat was coming from. I didn’t have to expose my IWB (Inside the Waistband) gun.

Why Do I Carry a Pocket Gun?

I can draw from my IWB holster faster If I’m startled. However, I can get my pocket gun into action much faster if I’m already holding it at the top of my pocket. If I can identify a threat before it’s imminent, my hand is on my pocket rocket.

I carry my pocket gun in a Comfort Cling holster. It stays in the pocket when I draw the pistol out. It also keeps the pistol upright while it’s in the pocket.

Have you had an unexpected scare at a usually normal activity?


Chris Tedder
Clinger Holsters
Absolute Concealment

The Tedder Family

It’s important to protect the trigger while pocket carrying a gun.

Pictured is the Comfort Cling holster wrapped around a Glock 43. It easily fits into a pocket.

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    R HOLLON says:

    Will Ruger LC9s holster in a Clinger Holster. I’m being told yes and no. I am a retired 69 year old Tennessee farmer/salesman with better than 200,000 rounds fired lifetime having scored 100/100 to get my cwp. I would carry my 92FS but some people give me strange looks when it shows and I’ve had to show my cwp on several occasions.

  2. ctedde00
    ctedde00 says:


    Yes! We make a Stingray, No Print Wonder, & Comfort Cling holster for the LC9s holster. You can select the LC9. It fits exactly the same as the LC9s.

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