Inside the Waistband (IWB) holsters are better for Concealed Carry.

IWB holsters will pull your gun closer to your body. Plus, the barrel is in your pants for further concealment.

Clinger Holsters are designed to pull the grip of your weapon in close to the body. It’s exactly why our holsters are the best holsters available for Absolute Concealment.

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  1. John
    John says:

    Doesn’t the top edge irritate the skin?
    What is the Comfort Cling. Looks softer but is it effective. What keeps it in place?

  2. Larry
    Larry says:

    Give me a Comfort Cling that fits my Beretta Storm sub compact in 40 caliber & I’ll but it.
    Give me a Stingray that fits my Ruger P345 45 caliber & I’ll but that also.

  3. Bill
    Bill says:

    I wish you offered more colors, and the carbon fiber materials.
    Thanks. I like the one I have from you though.

  4. William M Rogala
    William M Rogala says:

    Hello Guys, I have two Stingray holsters for my concealed carry daily. They allow me to comfortably carry my H&K weapons. I carry a USPc and a P2000sk and out of all the holsters in my possession yours are in constant use. Thanks

  5. Robert Pospisil
    Robert Pospisil says:

    I am a retired Federal Agent and I carry a Glock 43. I have installed a Crimson Trace laser ( under barrel ) with a grip switch. Can your company manufacture an IWB holster to fit my reconfigured firearm ?

  6. Joe
    Joe says:

    The top edge doesnt’ irritate the skin of most people. The Comfort Cling holster is much more comfortable though!

    It’s held in place by its high friction exterior. The smooth interior lets the gun slide out easily. There is a middle layer with a Gel-Like feel that weighs as light as foam.

  7. Jay Smith
    Jay Smith says:

    I have the first version of the No Print Wonder holster. With the exception of the clips that came on them being a difficult to get over a thick belt, this holster is great. I carry a Canik TP9 SA and it really helps keep the pistol closer to the body, especially if you already wear your belt pretty tight. The pistol slides in and out of the holster with ease, but does not come loose on it’s own. It took me a little time to get used toit and find the right spot to sit the holster. However, I am very happy with it.

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